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Updates! What can I do?

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I know I’ve been busy for some time, but I’d like to ask. Which should I update first? I won’t update all at the same time, that’s for sure. I’m just using this to sort out my priorities when it comes to updates. I have a feeling this won’t get noticed and will probably be ignored, but it’s still worth a shot.

If nothing happens, I’ll update with Mad Father (as I said in my twitter) first. What comes next… I’m not sure. I might do Mad Father again after, but that might change.


Author: Athena Kitsune

Currently... I'm playing the Horror genre. It's weird, because I easily get scared. Right now I'm sticking to the RPG Maker-type horror games. Eventually, I'll move back to the 3D genre... as soon as I can fix the lag that it induces on my laptop. Interests: Touhou, Games (Portable and PC), Vocaloid, Anime, Manga... Games: I play anything. Whether it be VNs, racing games, rhythm games or RPG games...

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