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Ayakashi: Ghost Guild, Guild Hunting and Event Standing!

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Ah, I don’t think I’ll make it to 200F at this rate. Oh well. My aim for this was to actually just get Otomo no Miyuki (though I can get Hourai, I can’t do anything with it since I’m not an Anima user). And since Lunar Hare is Phantom, I can’t do anything with her either, since I’m a Divina user. Even though I have 40 candies and 5 Divine Nectars, I’m thinking it would be a waste to use them on this event. I’ll save them for an event with a Divina top.

And as for Guild Hunting… I’m guild-less as of now! I had to move out of guild due to communication issues. It was the guild leader’s opinion, and I respect it and actually agree to it. The guild was mostly, if not, all Chinese except for me. So with this I’ll be looking for a guild fulfilling these criteria: (I know I shouldn’t ask too much, so those with an * is a must. Without it, it’s just a want.)

Language: English*

Level: 70+*

Active?: Yes*

Amount of Guild Members: At least 8

Here are my stats, so you can base your decision on it. Right now, this is my team. I made it for Attack Spirit efficiency and a full Divina team.

Level: 80

Team: Amaterasu (Lead), Hive Hunter, Hare of Inaba, Kenshin Uesugi, Indigo Angel (Tanabata)



Author: Athena Kitsune

Currently... I'm playing the Horror genre. It's weird, because I easily get scared. Right now I'm sticking to the RPG Maker-type horror games. Eventually, I'll move back to the 3D genre... as soon as I can fix the lag that it induces on my laptop. Interests: Touhou, Games (Portable and PC), Vocaloid, Anime, Manga... Games: I play anything. Whether it be VNs, racing games, rhythm games or RPG games...

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