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Pokemon Y!

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I picked up my copy a few days ago, after finishing the main story of Fire Emblem: Awakening (maxed a few characters, couldn’t get the DLC though). I love the 3D feeling of the game, but I feel like it won’t be as good as Generation 2 or Generation 5. It’s fine though, seeing as it’s the first game for the 3DS.

As I have said, I don’t have internet at home so I scarcely update. Though I do sometimes update through twitter, but in the case I stay home for the day, absolutely nothing happens.

It took me around 4 days to finish the Elite Four when it should have taken only one or two days. This was particularly because I decided to EV train four Pokemon. They are Delphox, Venusaur, Salamence and Yveltal. I would have picked up Larvitar and Gible, but I got too lazy EV training them. Sure it takes only around an hour or two to train them, but being the lazy person I am, that’s a lot of time wasted!

Currently, I just finished the Elite Four and am looking around to see what I could do in the post-game. I’m probably going to pick up a Ralts and EV train it to be a Special Attack Sweeper Mega Gardevoir, or just run around like an idiot. 

I do still have a few questions, like how to transfer my Pokemon from White 2, or how to find Snorunt (which seemed possible, given the snow climate in the game).

Current Team: (Champion Defeated, 33:19 Hours, 330 Pokedex)

  • Lv.82 Kitsune / Delphox (Sp. Atk / Speed)
  • Lv.72 Suzuno / Venusaur (Sp. Atk / Speed)
  • Lv.64 Aerodactyl (Mild Atk / Speed)
  • Lv.62 Blanche / Salamence (Atk / Speed)
  • Lv.63 Yveltal (Sp. Atk / Speed)
  • Lv.60 Snorlax (None) 

Author: Athena Kitsune

Currently... I'm playing the Horror genre. It's weird, because I easily get scared. Right now I'm sticking to the RPG Maker-type horror games. Eventually, I'll move back to the 3D genre... as soon as I can fix the lag that it induces on my laptop. Interests: Touhou, Games (Portable and PC), Vocaloid, Anime, Manga... Games: I play anything. Whether it be VNs, racing games, rhythm games or RPG games...

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