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Day 42 – Robotics;Notes and Date-A-Live

Well today, I’ve decided to watch two anime. I had a lot of watching to do for Robotics;Notes (I had to watch from 14 – 22) and as for Date-A-Live, I watched episode 10.


I watched episodes 14 – 21 not using my laptop, so I don’t have any screenshots of anything that happened in there. I assure you though that I watched it. I’m not really sure what compelled me to watch till the end, but it was definitely worth it.


“Be a ma– I mean woman and do what’s right!”

I started taking screenshots here because I finished half of the final episode not using my laptop. I really liked the events before this though, as Kai used his Slow Motion technique (can it be considered a technique?) three times to dodge. I mean it’s nice and all, but if it were a darker tone of anime, surely it would have some negative effects to Kai, possibly disability or death.


“I love them too.”

Of course the similar hobby tastes bonds the two sisters. Seeing as this is linked to Steins;Gate in more ways then one, it would be obvious that the characters would survive and a happy end is achieved. Personally, I liked how the anime ended, despite its turn in the 16th episode, the ending shaped up pretty well.

Date-A-Live: Episode 10:

For a small recap, this is the episode where they finally get ‘rid’ of Tokisaki Kurumi. Using Kotori’s spirit powers of course. Eventful, for the most part.


“You’ll never know.”

I thought the episode was good. It had its fair share of happy moments and serious moments. Somehow it felt kind of rushed, but I didn’t mind it. I especially liked the funny moments Shido had with Origami in the hospital when he couldn’t visit Mana. I’ll probably finish this anime tomorrow or when I have a free moment after school.


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