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Day 6 – Latest Manga Chapter and Anime Episode


It would have to be… The 16th Chapter of Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit. Quite the interesting chapter I suppose. I loved the part where after the day of the flower-viewing, Reimu and Marisa become ill-mannered. It was obvious something of this sort would happen.

Who makes the best sake? Oni do. Who are very powerful? Oni. So it’s obvious it came from either Yuugi or Suika.

The events that will be from here should be quite interesting.


Another chapter I read is the 8th Chapter of the 4th Volume of the Manga K-ON! Anthology Comic. The title of this one is Azussan. It’s about the selfish whim of the young kouhai within the group and the carefree senpai (Azusa and Yui, respectively). It all rooted from a simple mistake (or just Azusa’s overthinking) that Yui made one day when she met up with Ui, Jun and Azusa. The art style of the chapter is average, but content is wonderful.



Well, there was only one anime I watched yesterday, which was the 7th Episode of Date-a-live. Judging from the preview from the last episode, I expected this episode to have a big problem come. I was correct, but I wanted more comedy to be happening. I also think that the anime is moving quite fast, skipping quite a lot of things, light novel wise.

In the 7th Episode, we find out that a girl bearing the name Kurumi Tokisaki is (what I assume to be) the 3rd Spirit, with the name Nightmare. Quite a menacing spirit, but her motives are unknown as of yet. While we do get a glimpse of her power, being known as a very dangerous spirit and cannot be “killed”. Another clue is her yellow left eye, which seems to have a clock-type kind of pattern. Which leads to the thought that she has the ability of Time Manipulation, quite a dangerous ability.

While it’s cool to have a dark and serious arc in Date-a-live, I still do love the comedic side of it more. Oh well, I got to wait till the next to see.



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