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I’ll just leave this here…

That was one weird ending.

That was one weird ending.

This is the most recent game I completed. For a very short game, it was very good. Color me impressed!


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Looking for games… again.

I went through 94 pages in, and in the end probably only download around 10 games. Out of 1410, it seems that only 10 caught my attention. I’m pretty sure there should be more, but maybe that’ll be for another time.

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You know…

I still wonder when I can ever be active again. I haven’t done anything for the past few months until recently because of school. Maybe I can try this summer? Yeah, summer! That’s a great idea! I hope my summer isn’t too filled with plans though.

Anyway, let’s see what games I’ve completed these last few weeks!

  • Mogeko Castle
  • Hello Hell…o?
  • The Gray Garden

Each of them have a post already dedicated to them, so please have a look at them! Personally, out of the three, I would recommend The Gray Garden the most. It has an absolutely fantastic story and great graphics to boot!

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So I’ve been looking for people to play with here in osu! I know there’s a lot of people, but here in Taiko, there’s barely any multi-games! I’d like to know more people who play and we can be friends!

Okay that sounded too happy. Maybe we could become people in a mutual relationship where we help each other. Thank you for your consideration.

Anyway, see you there!

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I’m scared of girls (Game)

I just finished the game “I’m scared of girls.” It’s a hard to follow kind of game, because you can go to the events in any order. This is why I don’t really get what happened in the game except for a few things.

In the game, you play as a boy or man or whatever, named Lamb. In his early years, he had a body of a boy who could pull off to be a girl. This didn’t weird me out since you know, Anime. He crossdressed as well in these years. When he was found out to be doing this, he ran away from home. And that’s how the story starts. Well, not really. Because we skip immediately to his death.

The objective of the game is to sever the things that tie him to the world in order to move on. The things that tie him are events that happened in the past and tells you how he’s like. You travel along this other world fighting spiritoids (if I read that correctly) to open paths to the next area. But being the girlish-boy he is, he can miss attacking these spiritoids.

Well the fighting isn’t really that good because it’s just hit, run, hit, run and repeat. You get to also change sprites as the game passes on. These sprites don’t really affect the events, but they do give power-ups compared to his normal outfit. The gray outfit, I have no idea what it does (since it’s a ring, maybe it attacks both sides?). There’s the red prisoner outfit, which is the outfit I used most because of the ability to do 4 damage (compared to 1, which the normal and gray outfit does). And then lastly, there’s the pink dress. This is used in the final part of the game and utilizes the initial weapon, the knife, to do 3 damage.

The game isn’t hard at all. For the most part all the player does is listen to the short stories of Lamb and tries to link them together. The end is very obvious and expected, so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. If I were to summarize this game in one word… it would be emotional.

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Aura Kingdom! Open Beta!

I have been playing this a lot quite recently and it’s pretty good so far. Ever since playing it at its closed beta state, I have chosen the class Guardian and the sub-class Bard. This was mostly due to being a solo player. Right now… I’m a Lv.50 Guardian / Bard. I’m getting quite lazy to play as of now because the contents of the game ends at that level.

Oh yeah, if you want, we could meet in game! I play in the server Siren (it’s pretty unstable right now) and my character’s name is Kanarin. Let’s meet up!