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~Promise of Reunion~

Day 4 – Nothing Interesting

Today, I post nothing interesting. More like a status update. Originally, I didn’t want to post anything, but I’m trying to post at least one thing for each day. It may not be that interesting as said before, but it still has content.

First up, here are the games I’m currently playing:

  • 7th Dragon 2020 – II
  • Ib ver. 1.05
  • Mad Father
  • Black Rock Shooter: THE GAME

I’m playing the horror games mostly though. Secondly, my progress…

7th Dragon 2020 – II:

I just recently finished the game. It took me nearly a week to finish. I really got annoyed with the final boss because he kept spamming (I forgot the name) the skill that confuses the party members. I mean, he moves fast enough to confuse my Psychic who just eventually does nothing because of that. My party members are around 70 – 74 and my game time is around 44 hours. I just finished the first boss of the Extra Dungeon. Everything’s pretty easy so far in the dungeon, except for the normal mobs. Too many dragons with too much HP and movement.

Ib ver. 1.05:

While I haven’t actually started playing with this yet, I have finished the previous version. I don’t know what’s the difference, so I plan to play the game to see. I just downloaded this yesterday night, and I’m going to play with it a little after I finish this page. Hopefully it doesn’t have new jumpscares. I seriously hate those things. While I love horror games, I get scared easily.

Mad Father:

Why am I playing this again when it’s so messed up? Simple. I actually like the game itself. That and I want to take a look at the notes scattered around the game in my second playthrough. And maybe for taking screenshots for the summaries of the game. I absolutely hated the ending. I was at first happy that I made Aya survive, (I knew what she’d turn into already, after looking around in game) but it still made me feel like I did nothing worth while. Like I just saved her father, to kill more people and move on in life. Well, something like that.

Black Rock Shooter: THE GAME:

It took me around 3 days to complete the main storyline with only 9 hours of gameplay. The story is sad, but I feel that to be a wonderful aspect of the game. I stopped playing because I got annoyed with the mission (I forgot the name) in Tokyo which had exploding Nafe Heads, as I call it. When you get hit with one, it instantly knockouts BRS. And at the end, XNFE sends 19 (2 or 3 each wave) of those heads to keep self-destructing. Personally, I’m not annoyed by that. It’s the fact that I have to travel to XNFE all over again after failing the final part. Sure it takes only 6 minutes to get to her, but still… It sure is annoying trying to get to XNFE. Oh and by the way, XNFE is the only Alien I have left before the Alien-party showdown and WRS’s final showdown.



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