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Day 50 – Why worded walkthroughs? Why not videos?

I’m writing this with the sickly body I have right now. Please don’t mind if I have any errors here. Oh, and my body really isn’t sick, it’s normal temperature, but I feel horrible. But seeing as I haven’t written anything yesterday, I’m pushing myself to write something today. And that is, about why I do worded walkthroughs and not video walkthroughs.

I’ve thought about this during the first few days of starting the blog. Recently, I had talked to my brother about this and if I may say, I brought up a few points about why I do worded ones rather than video ones.

Firstly, I’ll talk about why I don’t do videos. Some of the reasons here may seem dumb, but to me, they make perfect sense.

  • Commentaries
    • I find it fun giving these things while I play the game. I’m not sure if I’m good at it as I’ve never really gotten feedback on it.
    • Giving commentaries can sometimes destroy the mood of the game. I’ve seen quite a few videos that do this.
    • Having no commentaries can also be boring, as there is no ‘real’ interaction with the game. Might as well play the game on your own instead of watching those kinds of videos.
  • Where I play
    • As a student in college, I play a lot when I’m there, as I’m mostly staying there.
    • I play at the library, therefore, I’m not supposed to make any noise, another reason why I can’t do commentaries.
  • What I play on
    • I play on my laptop. It’s the best thing I have.
    • If you notice by watching some of my videos, there’s usually some lag, especially with my Hopeless Masquerade plays. They don’t lag when I play them on their own, but once I start Fraps, they lag a lot.
    • My laptop specs: 2 years-old, Windows 7, i3 (2nd Gen) Dual Core 2.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM and a 1 GB nvidia graphics card.
    • It’s not impressive, I know. It’s even better than my brother’s.
  • My Internet
    • I usually stay at school as I stated above. As it’s a school, their connections usually block some sites. One of these sites are youtube.
    • At home, it’s pretty slow. I can’t really upload anything with that speed.
    • At the mall, it’s good. I only go there in the weekends though.
  • Internet users
    • If you have slow internet, it’s going to be annoying to get to the part you want.
    • Unless the video maker was nice enough to place certain parts of the video below in the description, it’s going to be hard to find the part you need help with.

Secondly, why I write worded walkthroughs. I’m pressed for time, so I’ll keep this short.

  • Fast
    • It’s significantly faster as I don’t have to worry about recording, the lag that brings and I can take as much time as I want within the game.
    • There’s no limit. With Fraps, even the smallest videos can take GB of memory.
  • Straight to the Point
    • You can just hit the “Find” button and search for the part you want.
    • Can be divided easily, unlike videos.
  • Visual Aid
    • You can use images to help the readers on understanding what to do.
  • Thoughts
    • Thoughts can easily be put on what you’re writing. Once you upload your video in the internet, it’s pretty hard to get it back and change it. Well, it would just mean re-uploading it, but with my internet… that will be a pain.

I’m pretty sure that’s not all, but as I’m running out of time, I’ll end it here for now.


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