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Day 57 – Game of the Week 1: Mana Khemia

Ah, so I’ve added something new to the site. I realized that the pages widget in the side of the site had been getting to long, so I took it out and replaced it with this. In here, I’ll be talking about the games I’ve played in the past, and what console I played them on. Unfortunately, most of them will not have a screenshot. I don’t regularly take screenshots or even take screenshots at all, unless there’s a built-in screenshot system, like in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva.


“Mana Khemia: Student Alliance”

I’ve stated this before, but I played this using the PSP (as well as Mana Khemia 2). This was one of the first games I played in the PSP, which makes it very memorable. The thing that brought me to play it was the art and the title. It was a wonderful set of words, paired with the art and weapons, I knew it was going to be worth it.

The voices in the game was fantastically done, as seen in the opening scenes. Even the events seemed real nice. The problem I had was the battles in the game. During that time, I wasn’t a good RPG player (mostly played Final Fantasy in the PS1) and had no experience with the Atelier series. I was real surprised to see how hard the enemies hit the player. Especially in boss fights. Looking back at my first play of the game, I was not one of the smartest cookies (I never beat the extra dungeon).

I’ve actually finished this game around 9 times in total. One for each of the characters excluding Vayne’s ending, twice for Jess (my most recent play had her ending) and Pamela. During my most recent play, I found the game to be quite easy, compared to my initial impression of the game. Even the three ninetails battle I found to be quite easy.

My Party: (I used this party for everything, including the extra battles)


    • Vayne
    • Nicole
    • Jess


    • Pamela
    • Flay
    • Anna

For some reason, I never found Roxis fun to use, so he was never included in my party. As for Muppy, his voice never was sounded nice to me. In my main party, I kept those three in there. Vayne was used to for physical damage, Nicole for her speed and Jess for her insane magic attack (I maxed her stat pretty early, so I used her Burst always).

Moving on… the extra dungeon was quite a let down. The normal enemies in the area were harder than the bosses. Not only do they do more damage, sometimes they even have the HP of a boss, and it’s hard to run away. Especially Darkash. Throw in Pamela and he’s good as dead. Her ghostly properties against his physical attacks is a kind of game breaker.

Well, the gameplay was one thing, but the next best thing (I mean all the aspects were good), the thing that stands out would be the music of the game. It was so good that I got the OST and loaded it to my cellphone so I can listen to it anywhere. After sometime, I remembered playing the game and seeing how hard it was, I tried to give it another chance. And that was how I got to my most recent playthrough of the game. In that play, I lost my initial save of Mana Khemia, so I had to start from scratch and try not to miss anything within the game.

Thanks to the game, not only have I gotten a very good OST, a good story and a series, but have also obtained wonderful memories playing this on my PSP.

Game of the Week 1:

—Mana Khemia: Student Alliance—


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