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Day 62 – Game of the Week 2: Hexyz Force

The second game of the week is one of the games that attracted me in the way Mana Khemia attracted me. I always liked 3D games, so seeing this was a 3D game, I picked it up. And as a fan of anime, the art style is one of the things that attracted me.


“Hexyz Force”

Much like Mana Khemia, I played this using the PSP. The thing that brought me to play it was the art. That was enough to capture my interest, and plus the fact it was an RPG. I knew it was going to be worth it, especially added with the music and the graphics (in-game, excluding the conversation characters). In a way, it reminded me of Final Fantasy 5, and the gathering of the 12 legendary weapons. Instead, the characters inherit something called a Hexyz, who are warriors bestowed powers by divinities.

It’s a really nice story, something that would come from Sting, like Riviera: The Promised Land, Yggdra Union: We’ll never fight alone and Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean. There are quite a few more I’d name, but I don’t want to make the sentence seem needlessly long because of it.

The background music and vocals of the game were executed well. Like Mana Khemia, it’s one of the OSTs I have. I’m particularly fond of the boss battle music in the game. I can tell the voice actors did well (for my standards).

The gameplay is turn based like Mana Khemia, which is ATB, or Active Turn Based. I’m used to playing RPG like this, so it wasn’t anything that stood out. It was the graphics and story that stood out for me when playing the game. I chose Cecilia’s route first, while my brother chose Levant’s route. Well that really doesn’t matter too much since I had to play both routes to be able to unlock hard mode.

The game is not really hard, so there aren’t really any events to look out for and think: “That was the hardest thing ever!” except for the Neutral Route Final Boss and Hard Mode. So basically, the player can just proceed with the game normally and train every now and then to finish the game. Only in hard mode will the player have any hardships.

I might be straying off topic (I mean it’s part of Hexyz Force, but I’m talking mostly about the post-game content here), but I’ll talk a bit about my experience of the post-game content, which is Hard Mode. This is unlocked when you finish both routes in one save file. This run is significantly different than the Normal run. It will take longer because of more grinding, especially for the extra dungeon. Even on one of the first main boss battles when I played on Hard, when Lufina got hit by one of Faust’s moves, it was so high damaging that no matter what the player had done, it would take any character down. But I guess difficulty is one of the good points of the game. Though it’s not too hard.

My Party: (I don’t remember my party well, but I think it was like this)

  • Cecilia
  • Levant
  • Luffina

I was advised not to use Luffina in my party, but I always liked her, so she was always in my party. And I ended somewhere at the level 81, after defeating the extra dungeon boss. So I can say that I did a significant progress with the game. Though I can’t load it anymore because I changed the firmware of my PSP, effectively rendering the save file invalid for use. I mean, I can change it, but that’s a pain to do.

Game of the Week 2:

—Hexyz Force—


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