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霊夢「霖之助の言うとうりで、私たちの世界は「弾幕」とはふつうですよ。」 - 160703 i_wanna kirisame_marisa touhou witch_hat

Marisa: “In a world without rules, danmaku is nonsense.  Isn’t it strange? Why does our world have danmaku?”

Rinnosuke: “Really, Marisa. But in this world, danmaku is not weird.”

Reimu: “Just as Rinnosuke said, in our world, danmaku is normal.”

Touhou 14 ~ Double Dealing Character:

Day 43 – Touhou 14 ~Double Dealing Character Demo Run

Touhou Sakutaku:

Day 44 – Touhou Sakutaku ~ The Phantom of Green Faith

Touhou Labyrinth:

Main Page of Touhou Labyrinth

Touhou Shinsekai ~ Device of Unknown Mechanic:

Main Page of Touhou Shinsekai


Main Page of Touhoumon


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