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Day 43 – Touhou 14 ~ Double Dealing Character Demo Run

As the title says, I’m going to post something about it.

I actually did a full normal run of the demo when it came out. I planned to upload the same day, but due to slow internet, I couldn’t upload it. I eventually got lazy and never uploaded it. Today however, I actually uploaded my second run of the game. I mean, I haven’t even done five runs of the game. I hope to get more in the following days, along with the update of Touhou Shinsekai.

“Let’s play Touhou again!”

Yeah, that subtitle below the video says what I’m thinking. I haven’t played Touhou in a few months (excluding that run I did for the demo). So with this, I hope to get back in my usual Touhou playing moments. My skills have degraded a long way, though I’m surprised that it didn’t degrade to the extent I thought it would.

I can still play Normal, when I expected I’d go back to playing Easy. Now, I’ll probably be busy with school, Touhou, Touhou Shinsekai and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


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