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Day 44 – Touhou Sakutaku ~ The Phantom of Green Faith

Why don’t we talk about a fan game of Touhou for once? I have played quite a few, but this is probably the one that stands out the most because of its reception. I find it interesting because of the storyline, I won’t say anything about that because it will be spoilers.


The title is fairly straight forward. Today, I’m going to talk about the Touhou fangame “Sakutaku ~ The Phantom of Green Faith”. “さく” or “Saku” is short for Sakuya and “タク” or “Taku” is short for Tactics. As the title suggests, it’s a game that primarily focuses on the Moriya Shrine residents and the maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

The game is a tactical game, as the title also suggests. In here, you are supposed press directional buttons according to the directional keys presented at the bottom of the screen. Much like a rhythm game, there are accuracy markers. Your combo will only reset if you miss the key, so it’s safe and the accuracy marker is quite lenient. As the number of hits increase, the higher the player’s Command Level becomes, which is present at the upper-right part of the screen.

TS4 - Koumakyou S1 Play

“Fairy-simple right?”

That was a pretty lame joke if you ask me. Anyway, try it out yourself, I find it pretty fun, but it’s probably different to other people. In my opinion, this is one of the not-so-known Touhou fan games, as shown by its Youtube reception. It will probably be different for the NicoNico community though (I haven’t checked).

Current Area: 62nd Turn

I’m in the 62nd turn. I haven’t played the game in a long time, but recently, I decided to pick it up once more to finish it. I did three turns today, so that means I did turns 59 – 61 today.

TS6 - 62 Turn

“Why haven’t you stolen anything from the enemy, Marisa?”

So far, the game isn’t hard at all. It kind of seems like I’m also near the limit of leveling up in my current story progression, as I find it hard to level up now. That’s what I thought before I unlocked the 6th stage though. In the “魔法の森” or “Forest of Magic” stage, the only unit that was actually leveling up was Rumia, because she was only 52 at that time. She took that opportunity to catch up to the others, but only leveled up around two times because she was looking in places with no power ups.

TS2 - Koumakyou ni Ikou!

“New stage? Scarlet Devil Mansion!”

Finally unlocked this today. I only did one stage, and it made Rumia jump from 54 – 74, Marisa from 60 – 67 and Alice from 60 – 69. Clearly the lower your level, the easier to level up in the stage. The problem with Marisa and Alice though, is that they don’t have any equipment or skills. I just got lazy doing my usual “level them up in the previous stage and then go to the next stage when they are ready.” Unlike Rumia, the two Forest of Magic residents are near my level, so that’s partly the reason I got lazy.

TS5 - Save File 62nd Turn

“Total Level 1178. Total HP 40318.”

As you can see here, that’s my current save file. It’s nothing special, so for now, I’ll say that I’ll try in the next few days to get a bit more further within the game.


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