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Touhou Labyrinth

All the posts belonging to the Labyrinth of Touhou:

“Something’s wrong with the border. A huge labyrinth has appeared and the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion are the nearest to it. Now they have to gather a party to explore the labyrinth. Who’s responsible for this?”


“Beginnings. The labyrinth stage has appeared!”

Experiences and Videos:

Day 54 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 1, Difficulty is off the Roof!

Day 55 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 2, A long way till the end

Day 58 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 3, Twenty first character!

Day 59 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 4, Astronomical Boom da ze

Day 60 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 5, Yuyuko Saigyouji

Day 61 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 6, Mokou Flan

Day 63 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 7, Yukarin and Mannosuke

Day 64 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 8, Extra Boss #1

Day 65 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 9, Maribel and the Dawn of the End


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