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Day 54 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 1, Difficulty is off the roof!

At least for some people. For me, I don’t really consider it to be hard. It may be because I’m used to these types of difficulties, or my sense of ‘hard’ is too high. I mean, I find it normal to see my characters fall within normal battles and boss battles. That’s to be expected of any RPG game. If that’s what it meant by hard, then maybe I should refine what I define as hard… Oh well, off to my first experience chapter of the game!



“Why not end the game now?”

I downloaded this game sometime at Saturday, but never got around to playing it because I was busy with Recettear. So after finishing Recettear, I sought to find another game. Realizing that I had this game with me, I unpacked it and installed the game. The interface is quite simple, but the background music is absolutely fantastic (as a fan of Touhou music). It’s the first Touhou fan-game I’ve played that’s an RPG, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.


“Cirno, the strongest!”

If there was anything to comment on, it would be the art. For characters in your team, the art is really good (most, if not, all are from outside sources. To my observation at least), but for when you fight them in battle, it kind of reminds me of those really shounen-muscle-head type anime. As if everyone had this serious muscle-head shounen face. This is really obvious with Alice (the last boss I fought as of this moment) and Sakuya’s “The World”.



The game is really interesting, but the frequency of mobs appearing annoys me quite a bit. It’s hard to get around while trying to reserve TP. Especially with Patchouli, who has the lowest TP and HP amount, which doubles the amount of TP she spends. At least I don’t have to start too far though. If the map was any bigger, I’d probably get annoyed.


“It’s hard playing the Straight-man in this situation.”

There are a few tips I’d say for anyone who wants to play “Touhou Labyrinth”. Play it! THE END. I mean…

Spam skills

A lot of RPG tends to be a save-SP/TP/MP (for skills) for boss-battles type of games. This game is one of them, but most of the time, you will not be saving any. Unless you had insane attack like my Remilia has as of the moment (1200 Attack), it will be hard to get anywhere without spamming skills. A lot of enemies can kill you in a few shots, so the motto for this game is, kill now or be killed.

Healing is useless

It’s useful in the start, in normal battles and in certain points in boss battles. The problem with healing is that it either heals too little, or takes way too much SP for it to be of any use. It’s useful in the start as you don’t have too much HP to heal. In normal battles, it can be used to prevent the waste of TP due to force-healing your HP. And the only time you should heal in boss battles is if your party is buffed (defense / mind). Do not expect to use it a lot.

Focus your stats, attack / magic specifically

It’s nice to be all-round, but in this case, it’s hard to put anything to defense since enemies do a lot of damage. It’s okay to put into defense if your defense is high enough, but if it’s really low like Chen’s, it would be hard to do anything. Just focus on increasing the best stat of the character, preferably the attack-stat so you can defeat enemies easily.

I would say more, but I’ll leave that for another time!


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