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Day 55 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 2, A long way till the end

I’m pretty sure after 13 hours of gameplay, I’m not near the end yet. Yesterday, I beat Yuugi, so now I have a total of 16 characters, at the 7th floor. I thought Yuugi would be a battle where I was supposed to lose at first, since her event marker was just a random red “!” event. I was surprised when I found out how strong she was and how she pummeled my party.



“Akyu looks weird.”

Above is my current and latest save file I have. I’ve stopped training for some time now and started exploring more, so some of my party members are actually still below 30. Chen is way above everybody with her really low experience requirement, but her stats are pretty bad, so I don’t use her at all. She was cool to use in the start because of her speed. But now that her defense and attack are really falling behind, it’s hard to make use of her.


“Touhou PART– I mean, Touhou Labyrinth.”

As seen above, this is the party I use right now. It’s one hour before my current game, but I haven’t gotten anybody else after getting Yuugi, so this is still my main party. The setup in this party isn’t my main setup.

First Row:

  • Reimu – I use her for her Hakurei Border, so the first row can survive, especially Patchy.
  • Marisa – I mostly use Marisa for her Asteroid Belt, and Magic Missile for boss battles.
  • Remilia – Has one of the highest Attack in my party right now, with 1600.
  • Patchouli – Typical mage; low attack, low defense, low hp, high magic attack and defense.


  • Alice – Mostly used for her Holland Doll, since it can lower my opponent’s Mind and for multi-targets.
  • Aya – Used for her multi-target attack, and for her speed.
  • Meiling – Tank, used to switch in and switch out people, and the occasional healing.
  • Sakuya – Lunar Clock. Everything goes faster with it!
  • Cirno – Icicle Ball, Perfect Freeze. Everything goes slower with it!
  • Youmu – Her attack is also pretty high, reaching 1500. Mostly for boss battles, since her SP is really low.
  • Iku – Magic attack is only around 1200, used mostly for multi-targets.
  • Yuugi – Insane attack, reaching around 2400 right now. Also used for tanking.



“Smash your opponents to bits!”

In my opinion, Yuugi’s attack is insanely high. Ignore the Lv. 40 Attack increase, it’s still pretty high. Even my Remilia, who has around 1600 attack, doesn’t reach anywhere near as high as Yuugi. Though I don’t use Yuugi too much because of her lack of SP, combined with the delay of her attacks, isn’t good. When using her, I usually have her do “Knockout in Three Turns” and just switch her out with the next person.


“Super fire beast.”

This is the second to the last boss I fought so far. I personally think he was really easy, but the first attack he did always did a lot of damage. I was around 28 – 32 with Chen being 34, but that doesn’t really matter since Chen’s not in my party. Luckily, the boss only did the multi-target move once before I won. I was getting ready for him to use it again, as shown in the picture above. Though I defeated the boss before he could use it again.


“Unfair battles everywhere.”

I’m pretty sure this is the first boss to be able to inflict the status ailment “Death”. In the picture above, one of my party members fell because of this, and it was Aya. First of all, I came to this battle completely unprepared. I was just roaming around to see if there are treasure chests, but I wasn’t careful enough to avoid boss battles. I hoped that the boss would be really easy with less than 10000 HP. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I still ended up winning the battle though, so I’m happy for that.


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