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Day 58 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 3, Twenty-First character!

There’s a lot of things I did ever since the last time I posted something about the Touhou Labyrinth. If you followed the posts I made in tumblr and / or twitter, you’d know. That’s what I’m going to talk about in this page.


“My current party.”

I’ll make a short list of the things I’ll talk about today.

  • Nitori
  • Komachi
  • Suwako
  • Sanae

Those are the characters I obtained, after the last update. It was definitely not real easy trying to get all of them, since I’m quite under-leveled for all the bosses I’m fighting. Though they were not hard, I still lost at least once to any of them.



“Join the TOUHOU PARTY!”

I believe I was around 31 ~34 during the time I beat her. Despite the recommended level of 48, I tried taking her on at my low leveled state. At first, I would have given up seeing the gap between my current level and her level. But after another battle against her, I felt that I had a slight chance in winning. With the power of strategy and luck, it actually pulled through.



When I obtained her, I decided to level her up and place her in my main party. When I was distributing my points, I put all 32 of them (she only leveled up to 33) into Attack. I panicked a bit since I thought I distributed it wrong, seeing how low her base Attack was. Fortunately though, I did it correctly and could properly add her into my party. What a relief!



“Mind reader!!”

I got Komachi after obtaining Ran. This was because I got lazy in finding the last lost soul in 8F. You know how big it is! And not to mention how dark it was. When I got stuck and didn’t know what to do in 10F ~ 12F, I went to look for the soul I was missing. It took a few minutes of searching, and eventually I found it. Her HP is insane, it totally beats anybody’s HP. At level 40, Komachi had a whopping 5600 HP (with 3 Ring of Life), which was nearly twice the next highest character’s HP (which was Meiling, with only 3000).



“Frog goddess!”

I lost against Suwako once, as I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know that last froggy I found would trigger Suwako’s battle. Well, now I know that you can get Suwako this early. I did my usual tactic, which was to spam Alice and Yuugi’s moves to take her HP down. She was definitely hard to keep down since her moves did a lot of damage.


“Atai saikyou!”

I noticed when leveling her up, her Attack and Magic were equal. So I looked up how her growth was and the formula for her spellcards, and found out that her skills were a mix of both (Multi-target: Magic, Single: Attack). I mainly focused on increasing her attack though, so I could use her for boss battles. Her current attack is 1900 while her magic is 1700, at level 38.



“Nice observation skills.”

I knew that Sanae was there already, as I found her before. Though I didn’t know what to do since nothing really happened when I talked to her the first time. So I looked it up in the internet and found out that I needed 20 characters to unlock her. Counting my party after getting Suwako, I realized I had enough and went back to Sanae.



I was surprised by the Sanae Foe’s recommended level. It was 12 levels above Suwako. A whopping 60, I thought it would be impossible to defeat that enemy at my current state. Although after the first battle, I found that my characters could actually survive a few hits and I could dish out decent damage (around 11,000 each spellcard, with Nitori and Patchy). I beat her with a party below 43, which made me quite happy.


“You were alive?”

Her stats are very similar to Minoriko. Not really high in any stat, though her main stat is Magic. I haven’t really tried to use her at all, because of this. That and I haven’t gotten to the next boss after her. I hope she’ll prove useful though, since I like Sanae.



“Listen to us…”

I’m currently doing the puzzles of the floors 10F – 12F. I think I’m around halfway, and I’m taking this chance to level up my super low-leveled party of 37 ~ 42. I’m not having a hard time yet, so I’m just training by beating every enemy I find while exploring.

For reference, I have 18 hours of gameplay right now and a max level of 44, which is Chen.


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