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Day 59 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 4, Astronomical Boom da ze

I’ve finally gotten enough progress to make another post! This time, I’ve gotten a total of three new characters to play with. Those three are Tenshi, Reisen and Eirin, in the order I found them in. So first up, I’ll talk about the first character I got, which is Tenshi!


“Why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

She’s found in the 10th Floor, in the end of a set of Off-Switch Gates. So it’s recommended to finish the Eientei group puzzle before you try and find Tenshi. This way, you can go about whatever you want to do without getting in the way of the puzzle. When you meet her, she’ll order you to take down one butterfly in each of the floors before and the floor she’s in.


“Love Sign: Master Spark!”

This part was a pain. The butterflies themselves were really easy to take down. Finding them was the challenge. You can just do “Return Inanimate” using Alice and follow up with “Knockout in Three Steps” using Yuugi to finish them off. But you’d have to have insane Magic and Attack, respectively, to be able to take them down with just those two moves. So to make sure, I used Remilia to have her used “Spear the Gungnir”. Anyway… this is becoming a walkthrough, so I’ll move on to break the combo.


“VS Tenshi!”

This was the party I used to defeat Tenshi. In my opinion, she’s hilariously easy, so there’s nothing really worth mentioning, except that she has extremely high defenses (mind and defense). Even when you get her, you’ll find her defense-stats to be higher than anything in your party. Though she has low HP and is pretty slow. I didn’t put her in my party because of this.



Probably the hardest battle so far! Not only do they have 100,000+ HP each, they have spellcards that can easily wipe your party! (Except Reisen, she’s just a pain). I chose the paralyze everybody, don’t let them move type of strategy. This was so Kaguya wouldn’t use “Buddha’s Stone Bowl” and Eirin wouldn’t use “Astronomical Entombing”. They both eventually used it within the battle though. Luckily I was able to survive the latter.

“Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess”

This video was a video I took using fraps yesterday. It was originally better quality, but for the sake of uploading, I set the bitrate to 3000. This was so it wouldn’t take to much space, and thus, not take too much time to upload. I mean, I did not have the luxury of uploading for hours and hours, since it was around 10:18 PM I started uploading it. I finished at 11:45 PM, which made me happy to know I can finally go to sleep!


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