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Day 60 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 5, Yuyuko Saigyouji

I haven’t gotten much progress since yesterday due to preparing for the Yuyuko event. But due to that, I’ve gotten a lot of training done with my characters and am now a bit overpowered for my current place in the game. Well that’s what I think, given how easy I thought Yuyuko was.



“YUYUKO!! Why did you make me go through all that?!”

As you can see here, contrary to the video I posted on youtube, my characters seem pretty weak. That’s because I took my time to train after losing pretty badly the first time I fought her. She wiped my party in the first turn through sheer damage and the DTH status. This was another sign that I needed to train more. The first sign I had was the Sword enemies. It was fine when they were alone without another Sword, but when they were with another Sword, it’s 100% unless I’m using Komachi in front, that someone will be sent back to Gensokyo. I hated how fast and damaging even to Tenshi, who had 3500 defense at that point. Might have been because the attack formula made defense not count as much.


And as you see here, I’d say my characters are overpowered. Mostly thanks to Chen lying to me when I was trying to unlock Yuyuko’s event bubble. Chen told me she was the one that could unlock the event, which is true, but didn’t tell me I needed other events, so I spent time training Youmu and Rumia to increase their BP. Anyway, you can see how easy the battle went. My next goal would probably be to take down Mokou, get Suika and some other people I missed.


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