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Day 63 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 7, Yukarin and Mannosuke

I haven’t really gotten too much progress on the game, but I’ve finished two main bosses in the game. Which, as the title states, are Yukarin and Mannosuke. Yukarin seemed quite easy, while Mannosuke had me spamming battles just to get to a reasonable place to defeat him.


It took me quite a while to defeat her because of my low level. I’m actually quite surprised with her recommended level range, with a range of 20, from 70 ~ 90. I don’t think the player needs to be as high as 90 though, since it would probably too easy of a battle then. If I could beat Yukarin at the range of 61 ~ 70, then surely 90 would be too easy. At first I thought I should level up, but after a try at fighting her, I felt like I could defeat her. And on my second time, I actually defeated her! On a side note, the battles on this floor are completely ruthless, paired with the super long maze to activate the switches, it took me quite a while.

“Fundoshi… huh… Mannosuke.”

Yes, one of the hardest battles ever. At least, so far anyway. He has insane HP compared to Yukarin of the floor before the last one. And not to mention his deadly speed. It took me a lot of tries because of his constant “Start of Heavenly Demise” spam move. In here, I had to level up a lot. This was because when I fought him directly after (by directly after, I didn’t level up any of my characters even though they could level up after Yukarin), I got wiped out during the first form. So eventually, leveling up to 85, I got to beat him.


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