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Day 64 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 8, Extra Boss #1

There’s not really anything that I did in the past day or even today. I do plan to conquer the rest of the game in a little while though. This should be easier now that I’ve leveled up to 98! Onward we go!

“VS Master Light Wings E.V.D”

Not the easiest boss at my current spot in the game. Not only can it easily wipe out my party with three consecutive Needle Parade attacks, it can also use a move when its weak that would probably lead to my doom unless I take it down at that turn. I know he was supposed to be taken out after the game or before the final boss, but I wanted to see if I can take him down at my current point. Fortunately, I didn’t have to level up to the three-digit levels when I arrived at the level I could beat him.

I actually beat him twice already, the first time I didn’t save because there was a problem with Fraps not recording despite pressing the record button. And then the second time which was the successful one. In this battle, I learned the ability to take advantage of everyone’s after-skill gauge bar, meaning that I would switch the person out and then in if it meant that their gauge would be higher than the previous state. With this new skill, I hope that my next battles are more easier.


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