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Day 65 – Touhou Labyrinth Part 9, Maribel and the Dawn of the End

Well, here we are! The end of everything is now! Well, not really. Considering the extra floors will probably take longer than the game itself. Maybe, or maybe not. I’m not sure of it either way, since I still need one more star as of the moment, to get to the access the rest of the 21st floor.

“What you don’t know won’t get you anywhere, let’s end this with a Bang!”

The final battle, which became obvious the moment Rinnosuke joined our party, is Mari. Firstly, the thing is, she’s a cut above the last player boss, which is Rinnosuke. While he has around 2,080,000 HP, Mari has at least 5,400,000, including her summons that is and excluding the effect of her regeneration. While it is possible to defeat her without taking down her summons, but as the wiki says, she has insane regeneration while her summons are out.

I actually tried trying to take her down without minding the summons with my trial at 115. It didn’t work out so well. Even though my Flandre could do 120,000 damage easily, it still wasn’t enough to catch up with the regeneration. So eventually, I got wiped out. I’m guessing that one should be around level 170+ to be able to defeat her without taking down any of the summons.

And so finally, I had to level up myself to 125, to make sure I didn’t waste any more time on fighting her. I did manage to take her down and took my first step to the post-game. Currently, I’ve been trying to find a way to get Hibachi to appear. After taking down the first two, I looked in the wiki to see where it was. Apparently, it’s in the 9th floor through a warp point.

The thing is, despite having taken down the first two, I still don’t see the warp. Which is odd, seeing as that was what I was supposed to do to unlock the boss. Maybe there was something I should do before being able to activate the warp besides taking the first two down.


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