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Touhou Shinsekai ~ Device of Unknown Mechanic

Here are the links to the Story “Touhou Shinsekai ~ Device of Unknown Mechanic.”

“As it turns out, the Touhou world did receive some video games. This was however stopped by the notorious Yukari. Why she did this is not known, but it would probably be in Gensokyo’s best interest. What if they had gotten another item like that and Yukari did not do anything about it? What would happen? Would the world slowly become the ‘outside world’ the residents know it as? With this, battle of faith begins once more.”


Download Links:

Chapter 1: Extended Color Spectrum

Chapter 2: A Glow Like no Other

Chapter 3: Electricity Disposal

Chapter 4: Cold Fusion

Chapter 5: A Youkai Maiden

Chapter 6: Early Crow

Book Notes: I usually update at the 7th of every month. That’s the deadline I’ve set for myself.


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