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Day 23 – Touhou Shinsekai Chapter 4 Released!

Today, meeting the correct deadline, I released the 4th chapter. Thinking about it, this is the first time I’ve ever talked about it here.

Name: 東方神世界 ~ Device of Unknown Mechanic / Touhou Shinsekai ~ Device of Unknown Mechanic

Usual Update: 7th of every month. Why? I first released it at that day so why not?

Short Summary of the Book: It’s at the Main Touhou Page.

What I would like to talk about is the 4th chapter however. Well more specifically, I’ll talk about the references within the chapter. There are a LOT of references, so I’ll just talk about a few. In this chapter, nothing important is happening still. Taking place at the seemingly only main hero (mind you, hero, meaning male) of the Touhou universe, Rinnosuke. The main topic of the chapter is the concept of Cold Fusion.

If you read the manga (or at least read up to, since the manga isn’t done at the time I’m writing this)  “東方茨歌仙 ~ Wild and Horned Hermit / Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit”, Sanae speaks to Reimu and Marisa about the concept of Cold Fusion. She says that Nuclear Fusion is quite inefficient compared to Cold Fusion, and that this is the new way. Although knowing the two, they probably know next to nothing about the basics, therefore it would seem boring to them and just daze off.

Although the 4th chapter does not start like that. It starts with idle chatter about the ice shaver and moves on to the concept of enlightenment, which Kasen talks about.

Marisa: “This feeling…”

Sanae: “What feeling?”

Marisa: “It feels kind of like…”

Youmu: “Kind of like?”

Marisa: “The time when I said I wanted to become a Shrine Maiden because Reimu summoned all those gods.”

Reimu: “Another pointless thought?”

 With the concept of enlightenment, they stray off to the more fun side as one would say it. Which is being a hermit. Being a hermit can give one a lot of things, like power for example, or the more known extension of life. It gives yet another reference to the book “東方儚月抄 ~ Silent Sinner in Blue / Touhou Bougetsushou ~ Silent Sinner in Blue”, when Reimu had received training from Yukari to summon the power of the gods.

Kasen: “You mean the time when a chief of hell came to kill the wicked hermit?”

 Another reference to the book “東方茨歌仙 ~ Wild and Horned Hermit / Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit”. This time, it refers to Seiga Kaku (or as I like to call her, Seiga-nyannyan.) Although not explicitly said (the name that is, within the chapter), this is enough to deduce that it is Seiga Kaku. Since there are only two well-known hermits within the current Touhou Universe.

Kasen: “It’s like you’re getting affected by my pet somehow.”

Same book as the above reference, this is a reference to one of Kasen’s pets. Marisa and Reimu tried to capture it to harvest its energy, but utterly failed because of the creature’s power, which is to make one really lazy. To the extent they may find living to be a pain to do.

Sanae: “Eh, well… Lady Kanako told me there were eight of you going to the underground that time.”

While it doesn’t say anything, the context it’s in talks about the trip in the 11th game, “東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism / Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism”. While it says eight people, in this universe, each character (Reimu and Marisa) took all the people they could possibly team up with and went underground. Another note would be how Kanako knew they went underground. Of course she’d know, she’s the one that planned it.

And with that, I’d like to celebrate the 4th release of the book! Yay. For the rest of the references, please read it!


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