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Day 40 – Touhou Shinsekai, A few info…

I’ve been so busy today, I’ve only just gotten home and it’s around time to sleep already! Man… I wish I had more time, then I could think straight and write more here. I can’t think of anything right now, so I’ll just talk a bit about the Touhou Shinsekai book. There are only 9 complete chapters right now, and the 10th is in the making. To be honest, I don’t really care a lot about the spotlight it gets (trust me, it doesn’t get much). I care more about the fun and time I spent on making it.

I started on it around… 5 months ago. I’ve released the first chapter during the second month of working on it. I actually stopped working on it when the term of school was nearing the end. But now that there’s a new term, I have time to work on it.

It’s unreleased, but I’ll talk about the 5th chapter. Just one thing however… I’m getting sleepy.

Chapter 5: A Youkai Maiden

Yes, the title of the fifth chapter is “A Youkai Maiden”. Although this seems like an introduction for an Original Character, it is not. (I am trying my best not to use one.) It refers to the already present “Youkai Maiden” which is Reimu.

Reimu: “It seems like you did nothing all day.”

Suika: “I’m just emulating what you usually do.”

Reimu: “Oi.”

This is taken from the beginning of the chapter, where Reimu goes back to the Shrine from Kourindou to check if anything had happened. She’s seeing if there are any Youkai that visited, any weird happenings or if Suika had used her Missing Power. Fortunately, only the first one happened.

In the scene above, Reimu questions Suika about what she did. Suika responded that she’s just doing what Reimu usually does, which is actually kind of true. It’s obvious Reimu’s a lazy shrine maiden when it comes to doing a lot of the shrine duties.


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