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Day 49 – Touhou Shinsekai Chapter 5 Released!

Keeping in touch with the deadline, I released the fifth chapter. I’m not really sure what to write here as I wrote something for the fifth chapter some time ago. I didn’t write too much so I guess I can keep going with what I usually do.

Download it here.

Chapter 5: A Youkai Maiden

With the link and upload done, I can proceed to talking about the chapter. To put it shortly, Suika’s going on a trip and nobody’s going to be in the Shrine for Reimu. Yukari sweeps in and suggests that Ran and Chen guard the temple for her. Suika takes the offer and leaves with Yukari to go to Youkai Mountain. And that’s where the chapter ends. There’s a few things that happen that I didn’t say, but that’s up to the readers to read.

There are four new characters in this chapter. They are Hatate Himekaidou, Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo and Chen. Hatate plays quite a role in the chapter, though I won’t say any more to prevent spoilers. For the mean time… Let’s talk about the chapter! By that I mean, references I’ve made to original works.

Reimu: “I’m just checking to make sure you haven’t done Missing Power or something.”

Reimu says this at the beginning of the chapter, after Suika comments on emulating Reimu’s everyday activity. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this already (Touhou fans for the matter), but Suika’s spellcard “Missing Power” is triggered when she has sake. This is the spellcard in which she grows really big, which is the reason why Reimu did not want her to do it.

Suika: ”I don’t think it was either of those. She was holding some weird object.”

Reimu: ”A weird object?”

Suika: ”Yukari told me that it was called a cellphone.”

Reimu: “How did it look like?”

Suika: ”It was a rectangular thing that could be extended and had an orange-yellow checkered pattern.”

Reference to Hatate’s cellphone that she uses to capture pictures. I would think that not many people would know about it since probably only the kappa would make them, which is quite far from the human village. Yukari of course would know, and seeing as Yukari and Suika are friends to some extent, Yukari would be nice enough to bestow her wisdom upon the matter.

And with those two references to the original works found in the beginning of the chapter, I end the post. It’s really quite fun writing, but recently, I haven’t found the time to write some more. I’m still stuck in writing the tenth chapter, after like… 2 or 3 months? Anyway, I won’t stop any time soon, so see you in the next chapter!


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