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Day 66 – Touhou Shinsekai Chapter 6 Released!

It’s the 7th of the month once more. I actually nearly forgot that the due date was today. That goes to show how much school can distract you from everything. At least I didn’t totally forget to do it though.

Download it here.

Chapter 6: Early Crow

In this chapter Hatate comes to visit Kourindou, after being given guidance from the oni Suika. The title obviously is a reference to the tengu, seeing how early she went to visit Reimu.

Reimu: “So… you must be the Tengu Suika told me about.”

Hatate: “Suika? Was that the name of the Oni I saw?”

Reimu: “Oni are pretty rare above ground, so it’s probably the Oni you saw.”

Hatate: “The two-horned chained Oni holding a purple gourd?”

You’d think the Tengu would know her subjects by now. I mean, she even took pictures of the Free Spirited Old Timer during the Double Spoiler event right? Though it could be the case that you don’t have enough time asking the subject for information if you’re too busy trying to take pictures while dodging danmaku. So it’s kind of… acceptable in a case.

Hatate: “Can I ask to take a pic—”

Reimu: “—Rejected.”

Hatate: “I just wanted one picture.”

Reimu: “Seriously, you’re becoming as annoying as Aya.”

If Hatate were Aya, I bet she would have took a photo without even asking. But in this case, it could be coming true in a sense, since Hatate is trying to take pictures like Aya, after the Double Spoiler event. Though at least she’s more polite in a way, compared to the normal ways of Aya.

Hatate: “Unlike Aya, I aim to make people read the newspaper for the article itself not the pictures!”

Reimu: “Still the same approach though.”

Hatate: “They are totally different!”

Reimu: “It’s the same to the readers.”

Hatate: “It’s different in content!”

Reimu: “Well, I don’t care either way. So what’s your second request?”

In here, we can see another part of Double Spoiler! References, nice cutie! The conversation is pretty straight forward, so just take time to read it and you can understand it! And as usual, Reimu won’t care since she doesn’t even read newspapers. So to her, it’s just a pain to participate in these kinds of things…

You know, when you think of Hatate Himekaidou, you think Double Spoiler right? I mean, there’s nothing else to really think about, besides Tengus, Touhou, or Doujins. That’s because it’s the only game you get to see Hatate. And to top it off, she only appears after clearing a part of Extra and a certain amount of stages. So it’s not really a surprise if people don’t think of Double Spoiler when you think of Hatate.


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