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Day 81 – Touhou Shinsekai Chapter 7 Released!

Well, I nearly forgot that I should be uploading the 7th chapter today, despite constantly reminding myself the day before yesterday and yesterday. At least I didn’t completely forget today! I still have six more hours till the end of today, so I can still submit it today!

Download it here.

Chapter 7: When I wish upon a star

I’m not going to write anything that’ll spoil the story here, so I’ll just talk about how I’ve felt so far while doing the whole story.

When did you start, and how did you feel about it?

I started writing at January, the same time I was doing the spellcard compilation. I felt pretty good about it. I thought I could pull it off, and I was able to. I’ve been sticking to my once-a-month-release and haven’t gone out of it ever since the start.

Why video games?

Why not? Well to be honest, ever since reading Curiosities of Lotus Asia, I’ve always thought about the possibility of video games being introduced in the world of Touhou. Surely the kappa would have made a few, but what if the people of the lower parts of Gensokyo got hold of it? What would happen?

How many chapters have you done?

I’m currently done with 10. I’ve started 11, but haven’t finished it. I haven’t gotten much feedback on it, so I keep pressing forward with my updates without caring about anything.

I guess that’s enough questions for today. It’s only three, but those three have quite a big impact on the progress.


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