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Day 68 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Rules SET

Ah, I haven’t posted anything in a week! If only school had not given me work, I would still be posting everyday. But I know that’s impossible.

Anyway, I just started on a Touhoumon Challenge. I didn’t take any preset challenges and set the rules myself. I know I’ll break the rules some time later in the game, but for now, it should serve as a good challenge.

First off, my version of the game is: 

Touhoumon: Another World 1.51. As far as I know, this is the most updated. Well, it’s not like it’ll really affect my gameplay that much, unless there were some huge changes. Though it seems like it’s the final version for now, so I think it’s safe to keep going.

Secondly, this is my trainer card: (I know it doesn’t really affect the rules I had set)

Name: Hime
Character: Maribel Han
ID: 59328
Starters: Sunny Milk  and Mari (Marisa) 

Third, the Doll’s stats:

Name: Sunny Milk ♀ (No. 109)
Type: Fire
Owner: Hime
Nature: Impish (Defense+, Special Attack-)
Ability: Wild Spirit (Prevents sleep.)

Name: Mari  (No. 109)
Type: Electric
Owner: Hime
Nature: Adamant (Attack+, Special Attack-)
Ability: Pickup (May pick up items.)

Fourth, the Challenge Rules:

  • No Black Out / White Out or whatever. (It’s a standard, but it’s still a good thing to mention)
  • Solo (It was inevitable I’ll get the first one though, I’m using Mari for this one)
  • No knockout (Of course, since I’m doing a solo run, if Mari gets knocked out, I’m dead)
  • No catch (Unless it’s a one-meet thing, but I still can’t use them)

Fifth, the Mercy Rules:

  • After-Gym Checkpoint
  • Shiny Doll catch (who wouldn’t catch a shiny?)
  • HM Slaves (I can’t let Mari have ALL the HMs!)

Sixth, additional information:

I’ll say this first before going to the actual information part. I’ll scarcely take screenshots. This is because I play using my phone. Even though it has an ability to do a screenshot, I get really lazy since it pauses the game for a while (I know it’s not long, but I just want to keep playing non-stop).

Well, I honestly think I’ll break the Solo Rule later. While this is very possible with the original Pokemon games, it’s probably impossible to do it with AW, WL and MMW. I haven’t played MMW yet, but I’m sure with WL and AW. This is because when the dolls reach outstandingly high levels like 80 – 90, even if I have a level 100 zero Mari, chances are I’ll lose because of the amount of dolls they have in their team.

So once the enemy trainers reach around that range (80 – 90), I’ll lift the solo rule so I can keep going. I know it will be really tough, but hopefully I can pull through with this challenge. Oh and for reference, this is the first time I’m playing AW, so I have no idea what to expect.


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