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Day 69 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 1

Well… if I were to say something… It’s way harder than World Link so far. In World Link, I’d have no problem on getting up to the Doll League in Kanto solo. But in here, I’m already having hard times with the boss battles. Particularly because there are too little trainers to train my Mari.

—Day 1: Can’t win? Steal da ze!— 

Yes, that’s day one for you! Just keep stealing and picking up items like the real Marisa would! On a random note, Pickup is really useful so far, picking up random berries that I wouldn’t really use, but are nice to look at. Below is a screenshot before the battle with the Prismriver sisters. I didn’t really have a hard time beating them, but I to go out first to heal my Doll before the battle.

Touhoumon Another World v1.51+_1376830267822


“We pick up items?”

I’m not really surprised with the overall harshness of the game, since… this is Touhou after all. It’s just that I never really thought I’d use Thief, since even in the original Pokemon games, I wouldn’t use it. It’s probably because of its low attack. Later on in the game, I’d say it’s better to one-shot knockout your opponent than to steal their item, get damaged, and then one-shot your opponent. Below is the battle I had with Marisa.

Touhoumon Another World v1.51+_1376869228214


Main objective of the battle: steal. I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of the battle if I didn’t use that move. It let me steal two very useful berries (I could have stolen another one, but Alice used it); Sitrus and Lum Berry. The former was used to heal so I wouldn’t have to use any Potions within the battle, and the latter was used to heal my confusion when Marisa’s Marisa used Spore. The Spore allowed me to do Swift for a one-hit knockout.

Touhoumon Another World v1.51+_1376869494556

“Mari vs Mari! Showdown!”

Eh… so far so good. Recently, I just evolved my Mari to her third evolution. With this done, I’m aiming to go back to the Hakurei Shrine to battle Reimu. And hopefully find a Last Tag soon. Having a LMari would help me tremendously in the early stages. Though maybe I shouldn’t evolve her too quickly, for the moves she can learn being an EMari.


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