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Day 71 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 3

Another day… Hmm… Another challenge? Well, not really in this case. Because of my Mari’s insane level, she beats up anything that isn’t a LW or a Z Doll in one shot. This makes everything way easier and allows me to keep going without a single problem. Well, I do have a slight problem, and that’s PP.

—Day 3: Can’t Win? Beat every trainer there is to beat!—

We pick up from after beating the second gym, which is Cerulean. All the battles from here on in are a curbstomp, particularly because of my high level. Though every now and then I’ll find my most hated foe, which is Suwako, I try to take her down in one shot so she wouldn’t get a chance at hitting me.

“Lt. Surge! Where’s your Raichu?!”

So the next thing we do is Lt. Surge’s battle! He’s relatively easy because of my Mari’s resistance to electric attacks. DEMarisa was his main doll, but as it is still weaker than a LW doll, I still won with no hardships. Oh yeah, and at this point, I got a CMomiji so I can use Cut. That makes my party essentially 3 people right now.


“That white hand…”

Recently, I revisited the Lavender / Shion Town Syndrome creepypasta. It always piqued my interest because I really like Pokemon and I played the first version (Red / Green / Yellow). It seems like there were a lot of holes within the article to be real enough, but it surely was a nice read. I don’t remember what effect the Shion Town theme had on me (I was 9 or 10 at that time), but replaying Fire Red and Leaf Green, I can attest that it definitely was a creepy experience.



It’s a free doll! And it’s a LW at that! In any case, I cleared the Silph Corporation Team Rocket incident already, and I found my rival and Giovanni in it. Though they are nothing compared to gym battles, so I won’t talk about them. On a side note, I was tempted to use Watermelon in battle, but as this is a solo run, I can’t use her.



I didn’t know how to proceed forward, so I looked it up at the internet to see how to get the flute to wake up Genji. So I went back to Gensokyo and talked to Reimu for the usual healing. An earthquake happened and Tenshi appeared! At least I was healed, so it was relatively okay to fight her. The only thing I noted from her was her ZTenshi and her weird STenshi.


“Sure, I don’t mind.”

With Kaguya, I was expecting something along the lines of impossible requests. It just turns out that all she wanted was a battle! Talk about an easy request. She doesn’t have a single Z Doll, so with her team, nothing is really notable. Except for maybe her DEEirin, but that becomes common later on in the game, as far as I’m concerned.



Kaguya actually sends me to do a request! At least it wasn’t impossible, so I’m happy for that. All she asks us to do is locate Mokou’s stronghold within the bamboo forest and ask her for the tome! Unfortunately, Mokou takes it as a threat and battles you. This time, she actually has a Z Doll with her, which is relatively easy for my Mari, because of her fire type property.



I had no idea how to get to Hakugyokurou, so I searched and found out I needed to interact with the yellow tombstone in the top floor of the Doll Tower. Once trying to go up, you have a four-consecutive battle with ghosts, but as their levels are quite low, it was easy to win the battle. After this, Marisa appears to save the day and you can final go ahead to Yuyuko.


“I’m messing up the story right?”

Well, it looks like I should have fought Yuyuko before Mokou! Oh well, I have no idea how the game progresses, so I’m doing everything on based on what I think I should do. Yuyuko’s really easy to beat though, considering my level. I mean, everybody is really easy right now. At least after this battle, I got Fly and the flute.



This is the battle with Koga. As I have Five Elements with me, everything went really smooth, except for this doll. We all know DLHina is Poison and Dark, so I Five Elements is just normally effective against her. But I still used it because of its accuracy and its ability to deal multiple status ailments. All in all, the battle was no problem.


“The first Eiki I ever see and it’s already LW?”

With Sabrina, I spammed my Dragon Meteor over and over again, for the STAB and the attack it held. I wouldn’t use Thief, because of the fact that Thief does not have good attack power. That aside, most, if not all her dolls were a one-hit knockout for my Mari. With this, I got my fifth badge!


“Erika please.”

Am I messing up the story yet? It doesn’t seem like I am yet, so time to talk about the battle! In this battle, Erika’s most prized doll is LW Medicine. As I have Five Elements and Dragon Meteor, much like in Koga’s battle, it was really easy. And with this battle finished, I have obtained my 6th badge!



Eventually though, I found out Alphichans are really easy to find shiny. Though I still catch every one of the shiny species, it’s kind of a downer to know how easy it was to find them. And because of the fact that Alphis are shape-copiers, I have to run a way every time they successfully change into my Mari. This is because it will be a waste of Miko balls as they inherit even my catch rate (I think).



I was warned about this battle, so I tried to make precautions. Well, I tried, but in the end, I did nothing to prepare for the battle. I already knew ZSanae was a flying-type doll, so with Thundershock, I eventually won. And then right after she threw out LSuwako, my worst enemy. Before this, I had thrown X Defend to my Mari because I knew that Sanae would use the 3 Moriya Shrine residents.

And with this, ends Day 3 of the challenge! I’m guessing I’m near the time where I lift the rule of soloing the game, but for now, I haven’t done any rule breaking! At least that’s what I think.


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