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Day 72 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 4

Here comes day four of the challenge! In this day, I didn’t really do much, partly because I was too busy doing part of the Java region battles in WL. I thought I was stuck in there (I flew out of Java, and found out there was no boat going back), so I tried to battle Steven once more, and then luckily, the boat was there.

—Day 4: Can’t Win? Buy some items!—

We pick up from Sanae’s insane ability battle. I understand giving Sanae the upper-hand with at least stats, but giving her Omega Guard is just unfair. Especially with a battle that comes unprecedented. Having the stats of a Z doll and having that overkill ability makes her a real threat to the party. Or more like to Mari that is, but since Mari is an electric type as well, it doesn’t really matter that much.


“No it isn’t.”

After talking to Cirno, who’s at the east of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, we have to battle the three fairies to participate in the Great Fairy Wars. Though there’s nothing to note in this battle, besides the fact that they’re all higher than 60 and they have a full party. Well, the easy thing is that they have no Z doll or a LW doll, so it should be a lot easier than Sanae’s battle.


“Z Doll! Z Doll!”

Having done a bit of Java with my WL game, I got to the part (Semarang) where I obtain the Z Coupon! I was so happy I immediately traded it to my AW game to see what I can get. Apparently, it’s random, so I  stuck with the first thing I got. Luckily, it was a ZFlandre with a Hardy nature. We shall destroy everything Flandre!


“Legendary battle! Overkill Special Attack vs Mari!”

To think Blaine would have a legendary… Well, it’s Touhoumon, so the harder the better right? Fortunately, the battle was easy because of the level difference. Everything went down in one shot with the exception of LUtsuho. At least it couldn’t one-shot me because I was also a fire-type.


“Versus Giovanni’s Watermelon!”

Nothing of a threat, his main doll is his DESuika at level 75. Which could easily be taken down in a few shots from Dragon Meteor. Most of his dolls are weak to Five Elements, so despite ground-type being my Mari’s main weakness, the battle was relatively easy. I had hoped he’d at least have one Z doll… given he was the last gym leader.

And with that, ends the short day 4 of the challenge! The next stop would probably the league!



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