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Day 73 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 5

Much like the day before, I didn’t really do much. This was because most of the time, I was doing a project for one of my classes. Though I did get some big progress, the amount I did isn’t much, as I said before. I haven’t broken any of the rules yet, so I’m happy for that.

—Day 5: Can’t Win? Increase your stats!—

Now we’re in the after-badges part of the game! And with that, we can go ahead to the elite four. Though there’s still a few things to do, but I was too lazy to do them, so I immediately went to the Victory Road.



And of course, my rival stops me before I go to the League Entrance. He has a lot of LW dolls now, but no Z dolls, so he’s not a threat at all. Despite his levels reaching 75, it still wasn’t anything compared to my level 100 Mari. This will probably be the ‘hardest’ battle before I go on to the league.


“Lame skill”

For beating one of the most treacherous areas in any Pokemon game, this is not really a good consolation in my opinion. Oh well, at least there’s a person congratulating me. What I found odd in the Victory Road was that some trainers kept their original levels from the Pokemon game, having a team of only level 40 to 50. Considering even the dolls surrounding the area are stronger than them, they shouldn’t be here. Though I’m guessing it’s just a ‘miss’ in the programming.


“VS Lorelei”

At first I thought this would be a landslide win by Lorelei and that I’d have to lift the rules in order to win, but seeing as her dolls are only level 70 to 75, I thought I had a chance. Well, since she’s an ice-type trainer, of course I’d have an easy chance against her. It was mostly the spamming of Dragon Meteor and a few Five Elements that made me win against her.


“VS Bruno”

While one would think I’d have the hardest time with him, he was also relatively easy, partly because his dolls were mostly fighting-type as well. I did have a hard time with his LYuugi though, because it wasn’t weak to Five Elements. So I had to use X Defend to be able to withstand her Earthquake once.



“VS Agatha”

I’m pretty sure this is the first time (out of Gensokyo of course) that the player ever finds a Z doll. Mima wasn’t that hard to take down though, just took quite a while, because of how little damage I seem to do. At least I didn’t let Agatha have the chance to use full restore. If that did happen, I’ll be wasting a lot of time again.



“VS Lance Part 1”

Here comes the second round of Z dolls! This time, as the picture says above, it’s a ZRemilia. I had no idea what type Remilia was, so I went ahead with Dragon Meteor. That wasn’t effective though. After that, Remilia did Dracula Cradle (shortened to DrculaCradle in the game), and it took around half of my HP. So naturally, I used full restore and then waited for the time Remilia had enough HP to be taken down by my Five Elements.


“VS Lance Part 2”

Much like Agatha, Lance’s main doll is not the Z doll (Agatha’s main was LYoumu). It’s LW Marisa. Of course, we all know who would win in this battle! If you guessed Lance, then you were wrong! It was I, Athena, who triumphed! Though I’m not done with the league yet, so it’s too early to celebrate.

Next time, I’ll put an end to the Doll League once and for all!


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