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Day 74 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 6

Finally, the day to end the whole Kanto Challenge! This way, I can now focus on the Gensokyo part of the game! But I have to say, it’ll probably be shorter than yesterday’s update, seeing as I was still kind of busy. Well, I’m still busy, but I’m trying to get some stuff done with the game so it’s okay in a way.

—Day 6: Can’t Win? Strategy!—

We pick up from Lance’s defeat. Things haven’t been easy thus far, but I’ve managed to pull it off with a couple of X Defends and Full Restores. I’m guessed that my Rival will be around level 80 when I fight him with a full team of Z dolls. The first guess was correct, but the second one wasn’t. He only had one.


“VS Myouren Part 1”

In this battle, my rival sends out his usual doll team. The biggest threat was LW Momiji, because of her ability to do Earthquake. I knew this would happen so when I was battling LW Aya, I used X Defend on my Mari to make sure she can survive one hit. LW Aya was also annoying, partly because for some reason, Thundershock with 100 Accuracy missed a few times. The other part to her annoying-ness was Extremespeed. I had to make her lose all her PP for that move in order to be able to move on to LW Momiji without a scratch.


“VS Myouren Part 2”

Seeing as I hate Z dolls because of their stats, I thought this one would take forever. Which fortunately didn’t. Though it did take some time, my rival used Full Restore only once to heal. And because ZYuuka is grass-type, most of her attacks didn’t do a lot of damage. Another reason was because she also used Hourai Plant quite early, highly reducing her Special Attack. Though halfway through the battle with her, she used Leech Seed, which annoyed me seeing as I can’t take it off.


“VS Myouren Part 3 – THE FINALE”

Of course, he’d still have his starter doll. Even though it’s at least 2 levels higher than any of his team members, it put less of a fight than his ZYuuka. All I needed to do was to use Full Restore, then use Five Elements a few times to be able to take Sunny Milk down. I had to use the Full Restore because of the Leech Seed ailment I had. It wasn’t the Fire Blasts that would take my Mari down, but the Leech Seed. Even my Leftovers can’t catch up with the amount it takes from her.


“To the Dream World!”

After the battle, I got this item from Professor Oak, called the Dream Stone, I know this will be used to go to the Dream World. And I know how to go there already, so this wasn’t a surprise to me. Well, at least it wasn’t a really long dragging quest right? Anything’s better than that right? Well, in my opinion, tons of trainers isn’t really a bad thing, seeing as I can use a bit of training.



This is the team I had when I finished the game. Though I used Mari only, I kept the others for a few reasons: one was because they were rare, like my Watermelon (LSuika), Imouto (ZFlandre) and Ho-oh.  The other two were used for their HMs, Ichirin with her Strength and Murasa with her Surf.



Here’s my Mari’s league-end stats:

Nature: Adamant

HP: 284
Attack: 174
Defense: 192
Sp. Atk: 372
Sp. Def: 233
Speed: 375


“Aichi thanks you too.”

Much like in Touhou games, I look forward to these kinds statements. It actually makes me a lot happier than I would have been just finishing the game. It’s like ZUN (in this case Aichi) personal went to you and said “Thank you!”, though I like the statement after it the most. In Double Dealing Character’s case, it was 「最後まで遊んでくれてありがとう!」 which means “Thank you for playing till the end!”. This makes the biggest impact. Though I guess the “……AND YOU……” is fine too.

Next time, post-game events! Dream world, Waterfall and more soloing!


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