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Day 75 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 7

Well, school is starting again, so I can’t focus as much as I want to on games. Though I’ll definitely play with chances I receive. I wasn’t supposed to post anything today, but since I’m here and all, I decided to post something. In this day, I decided to lift the post-gym save rule, seeing as I’ll never find another gym leader, starting all the way after Giovanni is pretty dumb.

—Day 7: Can’t Win? Change your moves!—

And here we are, the post-game! After defeating my rival last time, I thought about what to do. I’m actually surprised I’m still soloing everything up until now. This is mostly due to in-game stat boosters. Without those, I would have never been able to survive Momiji’s or Suwako’s Earthquake. The latter I needed to do a bit more, but it’s still partly due to X Defend that I was able to survive.


“DEMarisa: Dawn of Dark”

I expected a bit more to this, but I guess this will do. I wanted a doll that was more rare, seeing as you can get DEMarisa simply by evolving Marisa. At least it saved me the hassle of actually getting another Marisa just to evolve to her. DEMarisa was actually a real pain to catch, going to the point of “Take it Easy”. She didn’t get to knock herself out though, as I started spamming my Ultra Orbs. Initially, I used my Miko Orbs, but seeing as it’s already pretty late and the foe would be using “Take it Easy” any time now, I thought to start using a better catch rate orb.


“Rematch! Mokou version 2!”

When I went back to the bamboo forest, I remembered that Mokou can actually be re-challenged. So I went to her and decided to test my Champion skills (this was after the Champion battle of course, hence Champion skills). If there was anything that annoyed me, it was not the fact that she had a ZMokou with her that was level 85, but the fact that some of her dolls (if not one, I don’t remember), had earthquake. I could survive it because they didn’t have STAB, but it still takes over half of my HP.


“Dream world!”

I didn’t expect the Dream World to be filled with fairy trainers. Wait no… I did, but I just didn’t want there to be any trainers. The less trainers there are, the better it is for my Mari, seeing as she needs her PP (fortunately I have Ether, but I don’t want to rely on it too much) and that she gains absolutely no experience. The trainers are fairly easy though.


“Mugetsu throws herself into the battle!”

I know it’s not like that, but it’s the feeling I get when people through their own dolls into the field. This battle is at the end of Dream World 1. There are two parts of the battle, and this is the first. None of her dolls are threatening, so it’s okay to burn through the battles without much care except for HP.


“Wait, I need to rest!”

Of course I’m not going to get any of that rest! This is the second part of the Dream World 1 boss battle. Right after defeating Mugetsu, Gengetsu battles you. My Mari became poisoned because of the last battle, so that’s why her Miko orb is darkened. She’s just as easy as Mugetsu, so it’s okay to rush through the battle without a care.


“Koaku– no wait, Kurumi!”

After the consecutive battles, they send you out of Dream World 1 to wake up in your room. This is nice since I get to rest and put off any action to another time. Even though I could do that, I still decided to take on Dream World 2. By sleeping in your bed again, you can wake up in Dream World 2!


“Double Kurumi”

I didn’t expect this in the battle. I mean, I’m used to seeing EX and LW in the same party, but this is different. She has two dolls of herself, which is both EX level. Her first EX Kurumi was level 76 while the second was level 78. Though the level is pretty low compared to the previous Dream World bosses. Nothing hard as there were no Z dolls.



“Foot of the Mansion”

Kurumi wakes you up like the previous bosses back into your room! Yet again though, I went back to sleep to Dream World 3. Though you wanted to go straight to the owner of the mansion, Kurumi could only take you to the entrance. Which is guarded by a Youmu looking sprite, which I assumed to be Elly.



I know Elly is a weak doll, seeing as her defense is really low, so I’m actually a bit excited to see how her party will be against my Mari. I hope it will be somewhat of a challenge, the same kind of challenge as I have with dolls that have earthquake. And of course, I had my in-battle boosters for my wonderful Mari.


“Change your moves!”

This. Battle. It was so unfair that I was right to have changed my moveset right before the battle. Before this battle, I attached Focus Belt to Mari and change her Thief to Thunder Wave. Though after using Focus Belt, it pretty much became a battle of luck to see who would go down first.  I also used a few in-game battle stat boosters, such as X Special and Dire Hit. The battle was really fun though, testing how far I’d go with my whole soloing. And that ends Day 7 of the challenge! I doubt I’m near the end, but I’m still trying really hard to keep soloing with my beloved Mari!

Next time, Yuukarin!


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