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Day 76 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 8

I was supposed to post yesterday, but I was quite busy studying for today’s exams and doing a project that was due today as well. I really wanted to post yesterday, since it was my birthday, but I guess that can wait. Today, I was not supposed to post.

—Day 8: Can’t Win? Base it on Luck!—

We pick up from defeating Elly and her overkill ZElly of only one weakness. If you knew what this place meant, it would mean that the boss at the end could only be one person. And that person is one of the main bosses of Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View. This is the one and only, Yuukarin!


“Reminder much?”

Komachi is also poor at doing her job, or just plain lazy. I knew Elly was lazy, but this just reiterates how both are so connected with each other. Even up to their weapons, they’re the same. Though I haven’t seen Komachi in the game as I have not been to the Sanzu River. And if I’m correct, despite it being in the map, the player can’t go there.



This is the single highest doll level I’ve ever seen and will see for quite a while. Though this one was easier than my rival’s Yuukarin, particularly because this Zero Yuuka didn’t have Flash Fire. So I could just spam Dragon Meteor over and over again till Yuuka falls. I also prepared a bit before, so I could take care of Zero Elly, as she had that as well.



After getting Yuuka’s tome, I went to back to the Outside World to go to Mewtwo’s replacement, which was Sariel. I didn’t want to waste too much time trying to catch Sariel, so I packed up my Ultra Orbs and spammed them as soon as she got low enough. It’s easy to catch when using Ultra Orbs, compared to my usual Miko Orb spam.


“Have you seen any HM07s?”

I’ve seen one. At Youkai Mountain, preventing you from going any further. At least I knew where to go already, so I don’t have to waste time like the time I had no idea how to get Waterfall. And to find out Reimu was the one that gave it, how wonderful.

I know I didn’t do much today, so I’ll try to do more tomorrow! Next time, Youkai Mountain!


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