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Day 77 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 9

Since yesterday’s post was kind of short, I’ll try to post a bit more today. At least more than yesterday that is. I wonder how far my current motivation to do this will get me today? I hope a lot.

—Day 9: Can’t Win? Practice makes perfect!—

Youkai Mountain isn’t really long, but the annoying thing about it is that it resets every time you go out and in. And since the best shop is in there, it sucks. If you have waterfall though, you can get there without fighting anybody. At least if you go from the bottom that is. If you came from the Moriya Shrine, you have to fight two fairies to get there.


“⑨ ball”

Since I was going to Youkai Mountain, I thought to check Cirno’s home and the Icicle Cave in the way. And it looks like the Icicle Cave opened one of its land forms inside, so I can go meet LW Cirno. To me, LW Cirno was by a long shot harder to catch than DE Marisa. I’m guessing they both have the same catch rate though. It might just be my luck that was bad.


“You look like a fairy.”

I’m pretty sure she did not arrive at my face like that. She was much like her sister’s human sprite, but in the course of the dialogue, she changed into a fairy. Though it doesn’t matter in gameplay, it just makes me chuckle when they change. I’ve been here before, but this event never came. I’m guessing it only happens when the player gets Waterfall.


“The Autumn Sisters”

You might wonder why Watermelon is at the first slot and why she’s 85. Around the time I got my Mari to level 100, I went to look for experience share, so my battles would have a bit of meaning to it. And the reason why she’s at first slot is so she’d be a bit more happier and I had heard the first slot or the arrangement of the party changes Nitori’s shop, not permanently of course.


“Yes of course you lost to me!”

For some reason, throughout the battle, they only aimed at my Mari, when they should have been aiming at my weaker Watermelon. The dolls they used were pretty high leveled though, but not as high as Yuukarin’s team.  I didn’t expect the battle and didn’t save after fighting Cirno, so I had to push through despite Watermelon being there.


“We enter the Youkai Mountain!”

Youkai Mountain is pretty much a cave in this game. You can’t fly out of it, but you can use Dig (I assume) and Escape Rope. That becomes annoying since once you enter Nitori’s and Momiji’s cave, all the battles would have reset and you have to battle to get out. Unless of course, you go down the mini-falls to go out the foot of the mountain.



“What?! I didn’t do a thing.”

Classic misunderstanding. I guess when you’re as silent as the player, you tend to take anything they do for ill will. Though that probably is for Kappas, since they’re scared of people. And if you knew as much, of course Momiji would challenge you for the misunderstood event. The player is probably to excited for the battle or too dumbfounded about how Momi reacted. It’s all cool though.


“My Mari is invincible.”

Of course Momi would lose to me! Anyway, her LW Momiji was a real pain because of its earthquake. Good thing the first one from EX Momiji (I survived it with low HP) alerted me to start using X Defends on my Mari, or else I would have lost. She doesn’t have really high leveled dolls though, so it was a relatively easy battle, excluding LW and EX Momi.


“The shop of Kappa is so filled!”

It has a lot of things in it! As if it was the only shop I’ll ever go to, which it seems like it is! I didn’t buy anything though, since I don’t want to ruin my gameplay by buying things that I could otherwise get normally through the game. So I traversed up the second waterfall to keep going towards the shrine.

Next time, Ayayayaya and the Moriya Shrine!


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