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Day 78 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 10

I have the time right now, so why not post something? I guess it makes sense, even if I don’t really have the motivation to do anything right now but play games. So hopefully I’ll pick up some motivation while writing this.

—Day 10: Can’t Win? Tire your opponent’s PP!—

Right after two guardians, Aya appears at the steps. Much like the Autumn Sister’s battle, I was caught off-guard. Not in the way that Watermelon or another doll was in the spot of first, but in the way that I didn’t fully heal all my dolls to be fully prepared for her.



Some time ago, I just fought Momi and got to open the super shop of Gensokyo. When I did this, I thought I wouldn’t encounter a boss-battle for a while. I was heavily mistaken and this was the consequence of it. Being battled without being full HP. And what was worse, was that she had a EX Momiji and a LW Momiji with her.



When she threw her LW Aya into the battle, I knew this was the point to start stacking stat boosters. Since she’s using Youkai Mountain dolls, it’s safe to say that she’d have at least one of the Shrine residents and Momiji in her team. So as usual, I used X Special, X Defend and Dire Hit to ensure my chances of winning against her team was high.



At last, my nightmare and eternal rival has come! Suwako, the one who is super-good against my Mari! Earthquake, Surf, Mishaguji, anything along those lines she can learn! Therefore letting her move will probably mean I’m doomed, even with 6 X Defends with my Mari. Particularly because Surf and Mishaguji takes account the doll’s Special Defense, not Defense. So of course, I had to use Five Elements with 6 X Special plus a Critical to safely take her down.


“We’re finally here!”

Yes, we’re finally at the foot of the Moriya Shrine! I hope nobody ruins the fun by popping in like Aya. Which luckily did not happen again, so I was thankful for that. I even got to heal my dolls through talking to Kanako once in the Moriya Shrine. It was a really well earned rest in my opinion.


“Suwako has Appeared!”

I actually checked the Suwa Lake before entering the Shrine. Though I didn’t do anything in it, since I had a feeling a legendary would appear. So of course I didn’t want to be ill-prepared for something I can’t get anymore (at the time I thought that, but I knew I could get them in another way). But still, it’s a good addition to my team in any case. I still haven’t broken my solo-rule though.



For some reason, I really like LW Suwako here. Not only does she sound like Kyogre, one of the Pokemon’s whose cry I really like (because it sounds really ‘legendary-like’) but she also gives off the mature Suwako feeling. I mean, most of the dolls are like that in this game, but she’s really different compared to the others.

Next time, Captain Murasa and Makai!


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