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Day 79 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 11

Another day, another challenge! I guess. Though this day really isn’t that challenging, considering the dolls I fought today weren’t near my Mari’s level. Sure some of the enemies got to level 95, but I still took down the opponent in one-shot. My Mari’s the best right?

—Day 11: Can’t Win? The key is to move first!—

It might seem obvious, but when soloing, moving first is key. Especially later on, when Flandres start appearing and each one of them can do Destroy, a sure one-shot move. Though the only type to be able to dodge it is Ghost, since it’s a Normal-Type move.


“I too am very excited.”

Once I reached the Moriya Shrine, I thought I’d be in for a battle. Especially with Sanae, since she’s a Shrine Maiden of sorts. Though luckily, I didn’t battle any of them and got to heal as a bonus. I took this chance to catch LW Suwako at the Suwa Lake. Then finally, I talked to Sanae to go to Murasa’s ship.


“Wow! Great job!”

Of course this is a ship. It was obvious the moment we were travelling here Sanae! Gensokyo’s logic must be getting to you. Anyway, this is Murasa’s ship, on the way to saving Byakuren. Which would mean the current Gensokyo time is in the time frame of Touhou Seirensen ~ Unidentified Fantastic Object.


“Surf = Knockout”

I guessed Murasa’s team consisted of the whole of team Byakuren as I call it. Though I didn’t expect her to have two of herself, even if I should have expected it, considering she doesn’t have a LW or Z of herself. Because of her relatively low-leveled team, I had no hardships, including her supposedly Water-type (I assumed that, but I don’t know if she has another type) dolls.


“With pleasure!”

If I remember correctly, when I reached Byakuren, I wasn’t healed at all. And was hoping there wouldn’t be a battle. It’s very obvious that there’d be one though. An easy one though, since it was mostly used for teaching Byakuren how to do battles. So I guess it was a kind of relief for me.


“Not literally of course.”

After the tutorial battle with Byakuren, Murasa comes to pick us up. Then we go back to the Moriya Shrine. There are still a few things to do in Makai though. Since I’m guessing the Barriers are now broken now that she’s been set free. Shinki and Yumeko next?

Next time, Shinki, I think!


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