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Day 80 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 12

It’s been quite a while right? Like five days to be more specific. This was because it was exam week. And so, I got lazy trying to post something in those times. At least since I’m done now, I can post!

—Day 12: Can’t Win? Keep trying!—

When you can’t do anything anymore, the only thing you can do is to keep trying. Beating random trainers won’t help if you’re already at max level. Think about how you can survive each hit, by wasting your opponent’s PP to 0, by using items, or even go to the extent of attaching Focus Band / Sash.


“You’re suspicious also!”

Since I know Shinki should be around here, I went looking around. Another reason I went back was because I thought the barriers would now be broken. The barriers indeed disappeared, and I got to go to this place with a Sakuya-looking sprite. It was apparently Yumeko that was Sakuya.


“One-hit sure kill!”

When the first doll is easy and the team doesn’t consist of any zero dolls, the battle is already decided. During the first 6 – 12 turns, I pump Mari with X Specials and / or X Defends, to make sure each hit would knockout the opponent. Yume was a pretty easy battle, though the thing I took note of was the level of her own doll, which was 90. Kind of high leveled, don’t you think?



I thought I was in for a legendary capture battle! The area was set up, and Shinki had an awesome sprite! I also thought that the moment I stepped near her, an event would activate, forcing me to go near her. And with this, the battle with the master of Makai starts!


“Well, I can battle you if you want me to do something.”

As usual, the English in this game isn’t so good. Though it was quite a deterrent when I first got the game, but now… I don’t really mind. It’s not like you can’t make anything of the broken English. It was definitely still playable and understandable to the point that the person playing can just fill in the gaps and interpret whatever message Aichi was trying to relay.


“95?! I am so close to the end!”

With the battle underway, I expected at least one zero doll in here, which is Shinki. I’m happy that it wasn’t Zero Shinki she sent out first, so I could focus boosting my Mari’s stats. And by the time I got into Zero Shinki’s battle, i only suffered one hit which didn’t even take my HP down to half.



“93… A step above the rest, besides Shinki.”

You’d think Zero Alice would have been sent out before Shinki. But since Alice doesn’t really have anything against my Mari, I guess she sent out the strongest first. With a quick Dragon Meteor though, Alice got knocked out and I won against Shinki and obtained the final grimoire!

Next time, back to Patchy and progress!


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