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Day 82 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 13

Oh, it’s been nearly a week already and I haven’t posted anything! Well, it’s a Sunday now, so I’ll take this chance to post something. I’ve gotten really far in Another World already, but I’m still going to pick up from last time’s post. Hopefully I remember what I exactly did that time.

—Day 13: The Ultimate Challenge! Finding Border Island!—

We pick up from the defeat of the Makai master. Shinki’s the most difficult adversary so far because of her high level, but easily overwhelmed by the usage of X Special. Nothing really compares with a super multiplier on your attacks right? At least that’s what I think anyway.





“Dark Entity Reimu?”

Much like Dark Marisa, Dark Reimu only knows two moves. The two moves are Phantom Rush and Heart Break. Supposedly, according to the wiki, she’d also learn Black Wind with the two said moves. Unfortunately, she doesn’t and all she knows are two moves. I’m guessing it’s a mushroom move for these kind of dolls. Anyway, I think I used a Heaven Orb on this to save the time of trying to lower her HP to a suitable catch level.



I didn’t expect Patchy to give me 5 Heaven Orbs. I’m used to seeing only one or two of those in my Pokemon games, so I’m surprised by the fact she gave me five. I actually thought that she’d give me a Zero Doll for all the hard work I did trying to recover all her books. Oh well, I guess the Heaven Orb set would suffice.


“The Final Trial”

Border Island? I knew where that is from looking at the map, but I wasn’t sure on how to get there. So naturally, I’d go near Youkai Mountain and try to travel right to go to Border Island. Of course, I didn’t end up anywhere and so I was confused on what to do with my life due to this event.


“Last Word Aya”

Upon my search in Youkai Mountain, I found Aya in the bottom-left side of the mountain. I’m not entirely sure when she unlocks. My guess would be once the Makai incident ends or at the end of Aya’s final battle with the player. There’s nothing to note from this battle except that Aya is one of the fastest people there are in the game. I’m guessing if she was the same level as my Mari, she’d be faster.


“What is coming?”

I’m also guessing with the completion of Patchy’s books, this event can now be activated. Thankfully, this battle can easily be finished with the simple motion of going into the bag and reaching for the Heaven Orb. Though I took the hard way, since I thought I’d need the Heaven Orbs for later battles.


“The hard way”

At first, I aimed for a normal Miko Orb capture, but later on, Last Word Yuyuko started using “Take it Easy”. I knew by this time that I had very little time left, given that she was already at the red mark. So I took a step up and decided to use Great Orbs instead. For reference, I only used Thundershock and Thief to take her HP down.

Next time, Border Island and the League!


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