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Day 83 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 14

Another week has gone by and here I am again, going to update. I can’t really update as often as I should because of workload. Well, partly due to horrible internet as well. And don’t forget laziness, everything gets affected by that! Oh yeah, this day will be really short. This is to prepare for a long update on the whole Gensokyo League next week.

—Day 14: The Ultimate Challenge! Road to Gensokyo League!—

After capturing Last Word Yuyuko, I found out about how to get to Border Island. It was supposed to be done through talking to Yukari. I should have none this because of the “Border” in its name. Though I expected I could get there normally and without talking to anybody.


“You’re the culprit”

I also thought that since no one directed me to Yukari, I should make my way to Border Island on my own. I was heavily mistaken and probably wasted a few hours not knowing what to do. It’s all good as I got a bit of progress done and captured a few high leveled dolls.


“You too.”

And after talking to Yukari, we arrive here at Border Island! If I’m correct, this looks like one of the event islands found in Pokemon. Even the sign seems so. Below this map are strong currents that will bring the player back to the Hakurei Shrine. Though you could still speak to Yukari to go back.



A lot of doll’s sprites look like each other in this game. I nearly thought that this doll was Sariel. This area looks kind of like the Eon Ticket island and the island of Mew. And for some reason, I can’t find any dolls in the grass no matter how many steps I take. On a related note, I haven’t seen a single doll have a move similar to Sweet Scent. I wonder what’s the reasoning for this mystery.



I didn’t want to do any work for Angel Vivit, so I just through a Heaven Orb to capture her. This was partly because I would probably knock her out if I used any of the moves of my level 100 Mari. That and I encountered her on the way to my classes, so I had to rush on capturing her. In short, I was too lazy and pressed for time so I threw that.

And finally, the hardest challenge! Next time, Gensokyo League!


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