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Day 70 – Touhoumon: Another World ~ Challenge Part 2

Another day, another challenge! It gets rapidly harder from here on in, especially the first part, right after the visit to Muenzuka. The levels really soar high when it comes to the trainers and Gym leaders. This game fails to not surprise me every time I have a main story battle. I mean seriously, the level difference of the first and second gym is like 6 levels!

—Day 2: Can’t Win? Overlevel da ze!—

Unlike in Day 1, you can’ t really steal anything from the opponent from now, since they are holding nothing. Well, I was hoping to be able to steal something like Leftovers pretty soon, but it seems like it won’t be any time soon. I still have the move Thief, just in case I find the time to be able to steal a good hold item.


“ZReimu, the most overpowered Doll you shall ever meet.”

After looking for what to do after Muenzuka, I found out that I should go fight Reimu. And inevitably, found out about the ZReimu in her team. Well, having played WL, I’d know to what extent the difference is from a LW and a Z type Doll. And I know it’s really big. Big enough that a level 30 Z type can probably take down a level 40 LW type. So I took the chance knowing that I’m up against this to overlevel my Mari.

Yes, I did level her up all the way to 42. Well, technically 41 only, since I used a Rare Candy to get her to 42. I also used a Last Tag from my WL’s game so I can evolve Mari into her LW form. The earlier the better don’t you think? Especially since Agility is useless and Master Spark can be learned through the move tutor. Something odd I noticed about my Mari was that when she evolved, her original Male status went to Female!


“First catch!”

I don’t know if I’ll ever meet another doll like this, but just to be sure, I caught it. Though I immediately stored it in the PC, since I’m not allowed to use it. The level surprises me though, seeing as how Reimu’s highest was only 28, is this battle meant to be similar to the battle with Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar? If so, that’s kind of… neat.



The first actual gym battle, with Brock. I’m really surprised how high the level jumped! Seeing as the town was not really far a way from the starting town, it immediately jumped 7 levels, from Reimu’s ZReimu at level 28 to Brock’s Suika at level 37! Seeing it like this, I’m guessing I will not be able to solo the league. The levels would probably be way too high to be able to solo.



I did not expect an Earthquake coming from a Water-type gym leader. I was lucky to survive it though, or else I’d have to load from my after-Brock save state. Misty’s relatively easy to take, with the exception of ESanae, because of her Mirror Coat. That thing does wonders to my Mari! I was lucky to have spammed Thief only! This was because I knew she’d have Mirror Coat, from my experience with Reimu.


“You’ve been waiting at the League entrance for that long?!”

Why has my rival been waiting at the league entrance for hours and hours? And he even says that I shouldn’t have any badges, so technically, he should only be as weak as he was in the original Fire Red / Leaf Green. I guess he took advantage of the dolls lying around in the grass then. And on a side note, his battles are nothing compared to gym leaders, so there’s nothing to take note of his battles.

That pretty much ends Day 2 of the challenge! For reference, my Mari’s around level 60 right now, which is around 10+ levels from any trainer at my current point.


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