Amenomori's World

~Promise of Reunion~

Horror Games

Everything related to my Horror Gaming life is found here, I think:

“I get scared easily. I usually want to quit quickly. But I don’t. You know what drives me forward? The story. I play these games not for the purpose of achievement or jump scares. It’s the story that makes me want to play the game. So what are we waiting for? Whether I like it or not, let’s go!”


For your information, Misao was actually the first RPG Tool horror game I ever played.


Yume Nikki

Mad Father




Reap and Sow

The Crooked Man


Ao Oni

Nira Oni

Corpse Party

White Day: A labyrinth named School

Palette is debatable or more like it’s not debatable since we all know it’s not a horror game, but for the sake of organization I’ll include it here. Since I piled it with The Crooked Man, it’s logical that I should place it near it. Some pages lead to the same page, like TCM and Palette, and Ao Oni and Nira Oni. The former I will not change, but the latter I might at a later time.


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