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~Promise of Reunion~

Day 32 – Corpse Party ~Rebuilt~ Part 2

Here we are again… with another day of CP -Rebuilt-. So far, I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m practically trying to talk to every wall, window or object to try and get some event going. I thank Nira Oni for that kind of instinct, even found me a bug which corrupted my game. Well, it’s all good since I have a habit of saving in multiple slots all the time.

Back to CP, I just got past the bathroom incident and am in the “Rotten Flesh Music Hall”. I think that’s what it was called, quite a name if you ask me! Before this, I spent around 20 minutes trying to find out where to go next. I switched over to Yoshiki and Ayumi quite a few times, completing the combination for the Incinerator again and again.

Despite doing that, nothing ever happens (or so I think), so I just go back to Yuka, Naomi and Satoshi to look around once more.

Going back to where the bathroom incident happened, I remembered a spirit telling me about some hallway. I went back there and what do you know, it actually lengthened and I can now go somewhere! This led me to the Music Hall which has a Piano in the corner and a room with a female and male statue.


“We meet again, Piano. Are you going to kill me once more?”

According to a pile of bones, one small mistake can cause my death. The statues seem to want something in there possession, but I don’t have anything to give, so I skipped it. Going on, I saw the dreaded Piano in the corner. Apparently though, you can’t go any closer to it as some strange force blocks you. Now, I have no idea what to do. So I guess I’ll do what I do best, search every wall, window or object for some clue.

Current Game Time: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

Steps: 3000+


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