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Day 31 – Corpse Party ~Rebuilt~ Part 1

Today, I have decided to pick up the CP series. I was quite interested the moment it came out for the PSP, but never really got around to playing it. I haven’t even bothered to download it or buy it as well. Seeing as the games can be played with the PC, I downloaded the first one in it’s remade version.

The graphics are quite ‘unique’, probably to be as loyal as it can to the original. It doesn’t seem to hinder anything, so I personally think it’s okay.



“Oh very interesting Ayumi. Very interesting indeed.”

It starts out with Ayumi talking about ghost stories with her fellow classmates. The story is about a girl who fell from the third floor and supposedly died. Some time after that though, she got up, leaving part of her head on the floor to do the same thing again with a maniacal laughter. It’s actually quite creepy when you imagine it. Of course, having played other horror games and expecting this from CP, I wasn’t fazed or anything. It was an interesting read and opening for the game, if you ask me.



“Why don’t you look around first?”

If I’m correct on saying this, the game was remade using the RPG Maker XP Engine. I know for a fact that RPG Maker XP has better graphics than this. But to preserve the originally atmosphere, the team that remade the game used similar sprites and sounds as the original. I’m actually happy for this though.



“5, 1, 3, 4, 2 is the code. What does it do?”

This is my current point in the game. To be more specific though, I just recently got out of the bathroom incident with the Satoshi, Yuka and Naomi group. In the picture above is the code to activate something. (I knew the code by guessing. The first part was given through the letter written by the girl.) And with that, I could guess the white flashes after I pressed the buttons told me it was the correct button. At least I hope it was the correct buttons. But after doing it, nothing seems to happen or I just can’t see it.

Well, so far… the game is really interesting! Not really that challenging, but the story progresses quite well. The girl in red kind of annoyed me during the bathroom incident though. I… hate her so far. I probably will change my opinion though later.


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