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Day 85 – Corpse Party PSP ~ Part 1

How did it get to this? How did this happen? I have no idea either. I got this game a few days ago and decided to pop it into my PSP. Though I still don’t like how small the screen is. It’s not like it’ll prevent me from doing any real progress, so onward we go. The base seems a lot like the original, but it’s very different. I haven’t gotten to the other chapters as I’m still in the first one, but so far, while some of the events from the original are ported, they made it different by introducing spaces and the sort. The place is relatively the same however.


“What else would you do?”

Though I think it makes the game more enjoyable. And more longer in any case. The graphics, voice overs and revamped story makes it really nice. The character sprites are well done in my opinion. Now the only reason to go back to Rebuilt would be the story! Well, for now, let’s start with the game!

Part 1: What am I doing?

After the ritual at school, the group is transferred over to the haunted school side. I wondered why it was only Naomi and Seiko. Though wondering won’t really get you anywhere in the game, so I pushed on.


“Dangerous places… huh.”

The first thing I noticed was that the maps were really different. Sure you start out in the same place as the original version, but once you go out of it, the maps look nothing like the original. I thought I could really breeze through the game! Looks like I’m actually going to have to play this normally. Safe and slow.



Wait. Dead person? Room? I think this is the forever locked room! I wasn’t right though, it was mostly an event room, wherein you talk to the dead body’s soul and find out where the characters are. This is where I found out  about the characters and how they are in different spaces, but the same place. Weird and makes the game a bit more complicated.



Probably the first real jump scare in the game. Though I didn’t react at all, I’d say this is quite unnerving. More so when you think about what might happen after seeing the face. Kind of freaky in my opinion. I thought this would spell the end of my game for now, but it seemed nothing happened. You can even replay the sight again and again!



More than anything… In my opinion, screams are the ones that make me jump. You know, the feeling when watching someone play a horror game from Youtube. Sure the sight is quite freaky, but the volume of the scream is just… more freakier than the actual sight. It’s understandable though.


“Are… Are we not supposed to go back there?”

When there’s two roads, I usually say that both have something to offer. So in this game, I’m thinking that since we saw Sachi, I’m guessing that I can’t go there anymore. It’s logical to think that the ghost had done something in the room, besides write on the board…


“Well. Now what.”

Unknown key… Why not call it just a key? It makes it more simpler and makes more sense, in my opinion. But I guess Unknown gives it a more “useful” ring to it. And… unfortunately, I have to backtrack to the same room since I can’t do anything else in this part. So Sachi came in there to give us a scare huh?


“No not really…”

Of course it’s not calling me! It’s a horror game, these things usually don’t end well! I have a feeling that nothing good will come out of it. I eventually did go in, since there’s nothing to lose in my opinion. We’re still in the early part of the game right? And plus, we might get more CG, freakier events and the sort!


“Newspaper? Got it.”

This is it! This is the room of legend! The room that locks you the moment you take a look at one of the items! Unfortunately, I took a look at the item before looking at the body. So after reading the newspaper, I thought this to myself: “thanks bro. You really saved me there.” Of course being sarcastic, since I was already trapped within the room.


“Name tags… mmm.”

It’s a good thing I went it there actually. Since I got a name tag. Even the scratches on the floor was similar to the scratches on the wall in Rebuilt. At first I didn’t understand what the newspaper was saying, but then I remembered about the original game. Through this I knew what to do, which was to go back and forth interacting with the objects.


“Well… This is unpleasant…”

At least it wasn’t a CG or anything like that. I love horror games, but I honestly don’t like gore. That aside, I thought about what they said in this conversation, which was: “It’s like they threw a person in superhuman speed from the other side of the corridor.” It was something like that. Who knew how the person died? Explosion? Superhuman throw? I don’t even want to think about it…


“A hole… Concussion?”

When you think about the people who died, you kind of wonder how they died. Especially this person. She looks kind of normal in my opinion. So the blow to her head was probably the way she died. Though she seems to be sitting normally, so it really makes me wonder. Was she moved here? Was she suddenly hit while taking a rest on the chair? In any case, she has a name tag, so that’s good.



A relatively simple puzzle. It took me a very short time to be able to finish it, since all it was about was the memorizing of positions. The glowing moving thing was actually a key to the infirmary! I love the infirmary! It’s so memorable since it reminds me of hospitals! And you know hospitals… the haunted hospitals!


“I love the infirmary!”

Who knows what kind of weird and odd stuff is in here? Bodies? Ghosts? Items? Unfortunately, remembering Rebuilt, I remember that nothing really happens in here. It’s actually a pretty safe place, so I’m guessing there’s a save point and a few items. It would have been better if there was a jump scare there…


“I just remembered that I’m hungry.”

When you’re bothered with a lot of things, you tend to forget about your body a lot. So I guess after thinking too much about the place and how to escape, once she looked at a faucet, it reminded her of water. It’s like when I play. I sometimes forget about time and skipped lunch entirely. And then I get really hungry.



I doubt anything like that will happen in the game though. Maybe something with the incinerator, but nothing with explosions. Maybe to light up some of the dark places… or maybe to light up candles. Has to be the candles. Since I’ve seen one in the room of legends and newspapers.

Next time… I have no idea because this my first time playing this game and I’m really busy right now!


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