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Day 87 – Hello… Hell…o?

Are you ready for the most annoying game ever? Here it comes, a game with the name bearing Hello… Hell…o?! Spoilers below, so you have been warned.


“That Title Screen.”

It’s not bad, but repeating the last part because I wasn’t sure what to do annoyed me. Anyway, I’ll talk about that later. For now, let’s talk about how the game is! First off, here’s the title screen. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a title screen like this. Even during the times I was attempting to make games using RPG Maker, I haven’t been able to do this. Maybe it’s just that I was a novice at it, but I haven’t a clue on how to do this. It’s a nice touch to the game and really tells the person how far they are in the game.



When you think about it, there are not many choices within the game. It is relatively straight forward. I mean there are a lot of objects within the room you can interact with, but those all lead to endings. I forgot to take screenshots during the game so all I have are these end-game screenshots. At first I found it weird that every little thing in the house can lead to an ending. But after seeing a few of these, I find that the title changes bit by bit after every phone call. This is a really good technique in my opinion, as you can tell you are actually progressing.


“To the Fireplace!”

It is also amusing to see the room change as you progress through the game. Of course, more weird stuff happens when you get near the end though. In this screenshot, is the road to the True End of the game, activated through finishing Akari’s side and choosing the third option during the Kazuki’s confrontation with Akari on his side. I found it annoying that if you fail the first part of Akari’s side, you have to go all the way back to an alternate Kazuki beginning. This is because you have to do a certain action and purposely get a Bad End on Kazuki’s side, which is weird in my opinion. Though you could always stop at the Happy End. But why would you stop there, when there’s a True End?



I was really happy during this part because I didn’t have to go through so many things again. After all, we’re at the end right? We are. Really. There’s not much more after this, so why don’t we go ahead and look at the ending of the story? The story revolves around two lovers who’ve been going out for six years. To Kazuki, Akari has been dead for a month. To Akari however, it’s Kazuki who is dead. What is this, parallel worlds? Magic? I honestly don’t know.


“It’s still Akari though… right?”

I guess it is. This leads me to think it’s somewhat of a parallel world event. Wherein Kazuki pulls Akari from another world to his world. There’s also another explanation for this, if you want it that way. That is, horror game and video game magic. Maybe we shouldn’t think about it too much, seeing as it’s just a game. Moving on, before this scene, you see the dead versions of them have a heart sign. Is this signifying that it is all one world and they’re just trying to move on from their deaths?


“It doesn’t matter either way.”

I’d like to think that it was just a parallel world thing though, since we all love happy endings right? Right..? Who cares if it’s the real one, as long as it’s one that still loves Kazuki. That’s what I thought during this part. I can’t really analyze it anymore during this part though. Because all my “question[s] didn’t seem to matter” anymore.


“The truth has been revealed.”

I mean, we’re at the end. Who cares about the questions. Now that we’re done talking about the story itself, let’s talk about the gameplay. Oh, why are we so far in the post already..? Anyway, the gameplay is just a typical look for an item, get a different ending for each one. The game progresses through the calling of the cellphone. It is pretty much the same for Akari’s side as well. There are no hard parts during the game and you cannot save manually as well. Though the not being able to save manually part doesn’t really matter since each play is really short (there are automatic saves after every ending). For sound however, there is no background music, just sound effects, for the glass breaking, the cellphone shaking, and some more items. This silence though really adds to the horror atmosphere because it’s really obvious when a jump scare happens.


“I know… and see you…”

You know, those choices really speak to me. Oh and this is the final screen. After the True End, it shows this screen and then deletes the save file, forcing you to restart the game all the way from the beginning. I really like how the game is kind of speaking to me in some way through these Title Screen changes. I even felt a bit happy seeing this screen.

Well, you’ve made it to the end of the post once more! It’s weird that after being so dead for like a few months, I post two things right after another. Though I probably won’t do so again for another two weeks since I have a few things due this week and next week as well. I’ll try to post during the weekends though. Note, I’ll only try to post.


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