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~Promise of Reunion~

Day 9 – Yume Nikki

Yume Nikki is a game made using an RPG Maker tool. It is open-ended and no plot is involved. No dialog takes place and the player is to control a girl with the name of Madotsuki. They venture through her dreams, finding things and using them. Though it has no plot, the things Madotsuki does within the game is open to interpretation. Therefore, the game is dependent on how the person playing sees it.

Looking around for a new game to play (after finishing Ib 1.05), I searched for good horror games using an RPG Maker tool. This was what I came across. At first glance, the graphics were pretty nice. Well, it didn’t disappoint me even when I started playing.

When I was doing a bit of research on the game, I found out…

  • The current version is 0.10, which was released on the year 2007.
  • Very open-ended game, lacks dialog.
  • Adapted into a manga.

It’s not like anything stopped me from playing the game though. I was already downloading the file when I started researching. As I started the game, I immediately noticed the lack of instructions. All the Instructions Effect told me was the cycle of dreaming, what buttons do what and how should I go about to achieve an ending. It did not tell me anything else, not even which door to enter, or which effects to go to.

I was very surprised by this. It even took me around 2 hours to find my first Effect. This was the Bicycle. I was happy it made my walk speed go faster as I rode it, but that didn’t help as I needed around 20+ more Effects.  Thankfully, the next Effect didn’t take long. And eventually, I had gotten all of it. Took me around 8 hours though, the longest any of the horror RPG Maker games has ever taken.


Again, the game told me nothing. Until I remembered that I should use the ‘5’ key to drop the effects somewhere. Even I didn’t know where to drop them. Is it in the balcony? Is it in your room? Is it in a door? Apparently it wasn’t those three, it was in the Nexus. At first I thought I should order them somehow, but exiting and entering the Nexus again rearranged them for me. After this though, I had no idea what to do. It took around 30 minutes for me to notice what to do, which was to wake up and go to the balcony.

This time around, it had some platform. So I went up the platform and saw Madotsuki jump down. The screen turned black, and a spot of blood appeared in the screen with the credits. I admit though, though it was messed up, I felt like this would happen. Seeing as how Madotsuki’s dreams were really creepy, she couldn’t go out and the fact that she has a balcony… It seemed natural that it would end this game. But the thing that disturbed me was that there isn’t another ending to the game.

“You as the player controlled a character who was doomed from the start. No way out but to the character’s demise.”

The end. Madotsuki had (to my interpretation) driven herself to suicide (ugh, I hate that word) by seeing those odd dreams. Why couldn’t she go out? Why couldn’t she have braved through her life more? We’ll never know.


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