Amenomori's World

~Promise of Reunion~

Ib Pages

The pages of the blog which are about the game Ib:

“A girl enters a gallery along with her parents, but as soon as she saw this odd painting in the second floor, her gallery experience had changed for the worse. She had gotten stuck within the abyss of the gallery along with a man named Garry. The two’s job is to make it out alive and back to their own time.”


The Experience:

Day 5 – Bug, Update or just me? Ib version 1.05

Day 7 – Bugs and just me. Ib version 1.05

Day 8 – Playing Ib 1.05

Day 46 – Ib Version 1.05 again!

The Promise of Reunion (Bonus Dungeon Walkthrough):

Day 48 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 1! Our “Promise of Reunion”!

Day 51 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 2! Heavenly Bodies! Endings!

Day 52 – Ib Bonus Dungeon Part 3! Welcome Guertena!


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